New PlayStation 5 Specs And Pricing Are Leaked, The Next Generation Of Graphics! - PS5 / Xbox 1 day ago   09:05

Did a new PS5 leak just reveal the price of the next generation video game console from Sony? Let's discuss.

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Lee Andrada
Everyone is complaining about the price where you got people who upgrade their phone every 2 years or less spending over $1,000+ (monthly payments to pay off) where the PS5 is $800 at least for 10 years vs $5,000+ for those who keep upgrading phones. Please! That's nothing for y'all complainers. I bet if the PS5 had a plan like all them phone carriers have, you wouldn't complain about the price.
Omega Rugal
So, which was going to be last console generation??? this one? or the next one? or the next one????
$400 for ps5 $100 for VR the bundle will be $500 if you dont want vr it's just $400 hopefully
Grumpy PugGamer
It's 500 USD now, but if this trade war with China continues, the new XBOX and PS will tack on an additional 25% to the price....unless MS and PS eats the cost...
Richard Wray
I would hope that they make the PS5 to be able to handle a bigger size 2 inch drive since most games are probable going to be 100 to 200 gigs. I mean 2 tb is reasonable to begin with but later on some of us might want 4 to 8 tb drives.
Randy D
My wallet is ready
Heh. I've been told by a Sony fan that their first party studios are so talented that they can push past the power limits of the console so raytracing and 8k aren't going to be a problem with the PS5.... But yeah, I think this next batch of consoles are going to be nice. The Pro and the X are both delivering some great visuals so an upgrade making everything 60 fps? I'd buy that.
$500 for a new console is nothing compared to what top end cell phones go for...
god of war
apple can do anything than a console!!!!
I don't get why your comparing pricing to the PS3, the 600 bucks price tag was terrible, but that was 13 years ago.
If the PS5 is indeed 500 for the specs that's been circulated, then I think most gamers will be happy they are getting cutting technology for that price.
*You are complaining about $500.00 price tag of Modern Consoles in 2019 about half a year away from 2020 , but Panosonic 3DO from 1993 to 1996 costed $699.99 and NEO GEO in 1990 costed $649.99 !!!*
Ben Phillip Hart
I have a 2TB ps4 Hardrive (which I installed) but who knows how big ps5 games are gunna be, 200gb??
Marquis Fenderson
$500?? god damn they tryna hit me fa rent🤧
DeadXSD Gaming
Mark Reed
If you want wow, you have to pay for it, will not be shocked if its $600.
Gamers are lucky if they can get a console that does 4k 60fps for that money, poor PC gamers pay that and more got a GPU alone.
Gamers/and/Anglers 317
Im willing to spend 800$ if 60fps at 4k lmao...only in a perfect world
memers despise
I hope the ps5 controller is like the Xbox one controller
Blazin Sweets
All I understood was random guy random post random guy and the guy was a random random random
Can't wait for ps5 had ps4 for ages need something new
jimmy theman
PS4 sold more than Xbox
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The Next Generation Of Graphics! - PS5 / Xbox New PlayStation 5 Specs And Pricing Are Leaked, 1 day ago   10:58

We have some fantastic looking games already like Star Citizen, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Kingdom Come Deliverance in example. But what to expect from the next generation of consoles and PC hardware? what can you expect from the real next generation of graphics? In this showcase I try to show you that! Have fun

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