Trump's Plan To Deter Asylum Everyone Who Hates America (According 1 day ago   06:14

Last Tuesday morning, Catardo Gómez stepped from the United States into Mexico, looked around briefly in confusion, and was immediately swarmed by microphones and cameras.

He’d made history simply by walking onto the other side of El Chaparral, a pedestrian border crossing connecting San Diego with Tijuana. Gómez was the first migrant sent back under a new Trump administration program, called the Migrant Protection Protocol, which requires asylum seekers to wait out their cases in Mexico instead of the U.S.

“I’m going straight to the place where I’m staying,” Gómez told the scrum of reporters before being hustled into a van by Mexican immigration agents. “I’m tired.”

Soon, more migrants from Central America like Gómez will be forced to make the trek back over the border as they wait for their asylum cases, which the US is required by domestic and international law to hear in full before it deports asylum seekers back to their home countries. If the program is fully implemented, the implications could be massive.

Most asylum seekers who enter the U.S. through the southern border, either by presenting themselves at a port of entry or crossing illegally and surrendering to Border Patrol agents, wait in the United States while their asylum cases proceed through the severely backlogged immigration court system, which can take months or years.

But now, a growing number will be forced to wait out the process in Mexican border cities, which are often beset by the same problems of violence and poverty that migrants fled in the first place. Some are likely to give up and return home as a result, and both supporters and critics of the program say such a deterrent effect is part of its design.

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bayani delacruz
Trump 2020
StopIsraeliTerror Farmer
You can justify it in your mind however you see fit. One good way is to say "Hey, even the president wants these people gone and do millions of other Americans." Even your church might help you justify it. Here's the truth and the truth STANDS. You will be judged by the stand you take on these poor refugees that have fled their countries, mostly in a state of disarray because of our CIA. Now , being ignorant of all the facts, doesn't excuse you. Christ was clear about how to treat the sojourner. Turn them away, and he will say to you ,I NEVER KNEW YOU. Good luck in the battle between you and you.
Sam Rios
Sully Romero from Honduras. STOP HAVING KIDS OR BE STERILIZED.
Adalberto Perez
Technology has increased the survivability in a militarized kill zone that has claimed desperate lives for decades. We are like a casino where you do CPR on a dead body until you can get it outside the doors. Once outside you can stop CPR, now that the death can be declared as happening outside the casino’s responsibility. Saying it’s someone else’s responsibility is so Atlantic City. Let’s give the GOP the funds for the wall. Once they achieve the ability to launder money through a huge construction project their needs will be met and they may consider the needs of others.
Shoot the invaders and execute any treasonous American that supports this socialist invasion
Ever wonder why these people are leaving their countries, or just want to follow what the corporate media tells you? Watch QCONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN. The USAs CIA which is a wildly lawless thug group of murderers and worse, have wrecked every Latin American country and installed some of the most brutal dictators that the world has ever seen. No, you won't see it on the news. You'll see Russian Collusion and wild Conspiracy Theories on Maddow to Hannity. Don't be a monkey anymore. Watch that video before YouTube takes it down. Live in the truth. Right now, Mike Pence and Steve Mnuchin have cut off medicine and food to Venezuelan citizens and the news is telling you that some form of socialism and the elected President is doing it. Can't. You see beyond your nose? Pence hears voices and Mnuchin ismloyal only to money, Goldman Sachs and Israel. We are losing America because of a handful of evil men and their control over the media, banks, congress, the FED, and congress. Every congressman has to pledge allegiance to Israel. Don't you think that's odd? Pray for the migrants. They are the salt of the Earth and Gods Children !!
suvignan pothuraju
Why these migrants go to South American like Columbia, Argentina and etc
Who is going to take care of her 4 children?
Nar Prasad Gurung
President Trump, you must deter the asylum seekers of any country. Most of them are fake and most of them are easy go seekers. All the countries should be able to solve their problems on their own. And beware of the backlog asylum seekers, they should be sent back to their own countries. Another problem is that of the students who come to USA on student visa. These so called students are overstaying in America and they never try to complete their study course and just overstay in America. These type of students who are in America should be returned back to their home country.
they should stop having so many babies if they are banking on the US to ultimately provide for those kids.
Nataly Cardenas
Why don’t these countries fix their shit?! This is literally a cry for help by their own ppl... do something instead of blaming US for not helping more
Tom Mitchell
Daniel Saenz
It's about time someone did something.Its an invasion. The detention centers are full.And we are just letting them go.Most will never show up for court.We have serious problems with our own people. It's all our fault these people are having a hard time.Trump is right for trying to force these countries to take care of there own people.And the Dems welcome more ILLEGALS.unbelieveable.
Lupe Moreno
Your Lying The President From Mexico Said They Can Wait In Mexico, This Are Your People, Not America’s Problem, You Not WANT , Deported The Ones That Are Here, Come Thought The Front Door, You Crazy Immigrant, Your Breaking The Law, Idiot,🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Mary Czarnik
Those illegals look better than the homeless and pregnant just to come to the USA to get freebies for 18+ yrs. We are full of illegals and immigrants that keep having babies and can't take care of them all.



*❕S C A M M E R S ❕*
Samantha Antoniades
Sounds like they do it in Europe , first country of , they stay in Mex . Motherfukers aren't welcome in AMERICA .
Khay McBride
You Are Right...
Wanting to stay in the US indefinitely...
Is not asylum...but Immigration. K
Citizen Kane
The Department of Defense pegs U.S. casualties in Iraq at 4,491 and Afghanistan at 2,356 for a total of 6,847 lost servicemen during the two wars. Rep Steve King (R-IA), estimated in 2006 that illegal aliens kill 12 American per day, which comes out to 4,380 per year, but the federal government does not keep track of such statistics, so any specific numbers are unverifiable estimates. "BUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOES NOT KEEP TRACK OF SUCH STATISTICS", SO NO VERIFIABLE DATA IS AVAILABLE. ON THE OTHER HAND-Hate crimes are the highest priority of the FBI’s Civil Rights program due to the devastating impact they have on families and communities. The Bureau investigates hundreds of these cases every year and works to detect and deter further incidents through law enforcement training, public outreach, and partnerships with community groups.
R Sihl
I predict a civil begins with in 6 months.I do not want a civil war.
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Everyone Who Hates America (According Trump's Plan To Deter Asylum 1 day ago   04:38

What do Osama bin Laden, President Woodrow Wilson, and Matt Damon all have in common? If Fox News is to be believed, all three hate America.

Over the past 15 years, anchors and commentators on the network have leveled the “hate America” charge at over 100 people, places, and organizations. The list includes violent extremists and despots, but also celebrities, academics and even entire countries. It’s sometimes unclear to what extent the “hate america” accusation is serious or playful.

We went through the TV News archives and Fox’s own transcripts and assembled every example we could find of Fox News outright accusing or implying that people, places, or organizations hate America. We compiled many of them into the video above, and included all of them in a comprehensive, alphabetized complete list here:

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