Will EU members approve Theresa False Starts and Flip Flops: 1 day ago   07:16

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EU leaders are meeting for a crisis summit in Brussels today to discuss British Prime Minister Theresa May's request for a delay to Brexit. Diplomats say London could be offered a flexible extension of up to a year. If there is no agreement, Britain could crash out of the block on Friday night. Ahead of the meeting, May visited Berlin and Paris to plead her case. But she'll need the support of all 27 EU members to obtain the delay. It seems likely leaders will demand May accept a longer extension than the one she has proposed.
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Phil Merrall
Perhaps may suggested having a really good fire to regain control of France, a distraction from the yellow vest protests,
stephen cornwell
I think she whispered in the stunted grease balls ear ,got any gear coz I am off my head
Marky W
truly sickening ...... get off your knees and do what people voted for ...... LEAVE!!!! ...... DITCH THE GLOBALIST AGENDA
The UK is like that teenage child of the family that always yells "I'm out of this place" but never does it, not has a realistic plan on how to actually do it
The Poet McTeagle
May needs to Resign and stop shaming this Country , NO DEAL !
Lilian Flynn
You cannot take a free Sovreighty country and shackle it to EU we have common law in UK and we need to leave the EU as soon as POSSIBLE
PMA Judge
Forex Wizardry
The anger inside me towards Theresa May is bubbling is almost unbearable, she is the worst PM in British history and is driving the UK into the ground. what an absolute embarrassment. The ERG should vote with Labour in a no confidence because that is the only way to get rid of her, and hope that they win General Election where they can vote for a true Brexiteer.
Micky Mantle
It's all a pre-planned fiasco ! Teresa May is at the head of the worst government in British history ! They and their Labour cohorts have thwarted and de-railed Democracy...and we will remember it !
Zombie Returns
you want to see hopeless people? all in this video
Merkel und macron Kriegsverbrecher
Paul Malachowski
The kiss of betrayal. Be a great movie
Tripp McDaniels
How much more repulsive a picture could DW have found for this video? #FrExit #RIC #HangMicron #BooTreMAYner
stell bass
This has been planned from the start. She never had any intention of honouring Brexit. They should bring back the death penalty in the UK just for her
Roving Roller
The two most hated and destructive individuals on this planet.
Youtube Freak
Just do what we should have done from day one... Leave, no deal.
James Olojo
Teresa May is like a puppy, this is no way to treat an empire.
A Lone Polar Bear On Ice
No, non, nein, nem, όχι , Nie,
não, Nej, Nee.
Misread that as pleading for execution!
med ray
We are leaving the sinking EU on April 12.
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False Starts and Flip Flops: Will EU members approve Theresa 1 day ago   04:46

For U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, Brexit has been an uphill battle, with roadblocks from U.K. and EU lawmakers forcing her to go back on promises she’s made along the way. Here’s a look at some key flip flops in May’s Brexit negotiations. Photo: Getty Images

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