CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Breakdown! From Beginning to Endgame: The story 2 days ago   13:41

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Captain Marvel Trailer! Avengers Endgame Theory! Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. The first 500 people to sign up at this link in the will get their first 2 months for free --

Captain Marvel "Special Look" Trailer - what major Avengers Endgame Easter Egg was revealed in the latest Captain Marvel update? How could Captain Marvel tie into the events of the Avengers films? Erik Voss breaks down this Captain Marvel trailer shot by shot for all the details you may have missed. How will the Captain Marvel movie evoke 90s action films like Terminator 2, Robocop, and Total Recall? Why is the relationship between Nick Fury and Captain Marvel so important? Could Doctor Strange make a cameo in Captain Marvel?



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The Mystic Fez
Wow, you actually did pretty good
Abhishek Verma
Watching this after watching the movie. I hope you are not as accurate for Endgame as you were for Captain Marvel :P
Samantha Fisher
Plz let it be doctor Strange
JC Segismundo
Theory confirmed-ish!
11:01 😂😂
Rod Villegas
I swing back just to congratulate you for your accurate theory.
It is amazing how many of these predictions came true. Jude Law true identity, Supreme intelligence, false memory. But they indeed went far fetched on Dr Strange
Danny Doyle
Grrrrrl power! Not really. Marvel is an underpowered B class hero and isn't even close to being in the same league as Thanos. Marvel, bought by Disney, is suffering the same PC disease as Star Wars.
Kian Moe
Erik, u r getting u'r self too far this time!!!
Kian Moe
Um, does anyone else know that "Supreme Intelligence" is evil and an enemy of the Avengers, right???
Kian Moe
Carol's cat has got to be a good Marvel version of Dex-tarr
Kian Moe
I uh... put it away!!! LOL, marvel banter!!
Jimmy No-name
Am I the only one who immediately thought ‘omg doctor who’ when I heard “time travelling doctor we all love”😂
Sebastian Lopez
I went to target and saw yon rogg toy so I think Eric is right
Nowadays people want to be non-binary and Captain Marvel goes binary...
AX 00
Best line in this video is
"Hi I'm Eric Voss"
gokuga 555
They are surely gonna bring kamala khan
Rogue Spider5
This is my favorite Captain Marvel trailer so far! Also what's the song at 0:44?
Katrina Thering
Maybe a reference to Cap would be fine.
Gideon Ohene
I don't think capt marvel can best thanos
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From Beginning to Endgame: The story CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Breakdown! 2 days ago   15:14

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