Android App Review: Clickfree Mobile How to ROOT Any Android Device in One Click 2 days ago   05:03

If you have ever lost a photo, video, or contact on your phone you know just how frustrating it came be to have a smart phone. Lucky there is Clickfree Mobile Backup. It is a free app. that will let you back up all of these items and more. Do not think that just because Clickfree Mobile Backup is free that you are not getting a good back up app. Part of the reason that I use it is becasue of all the option that you get with it. Like where to back up what to back up and if you only want to do it over WiFi to name a few. The other reason I like Clickfree Mobile Backup is that it is simple to use.

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How to ROOT Any Android Device in One Click Android App Review: Clickfree Mobile 2 days ago   02:54

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How to root almost any android device! Thanks to Geohot for this exploit
Towel Root by geohot:

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Towelroot is the future when it comes to rooting Android smartphones. Towelroot makes the rooting process a lot easier. Before you had to download different files on your computer, install a dedicated program, connect your computer to your phone and then root it.

***There are a few unsupported devices that normally cannot be rooted with Towelroot and every time you try to do so you get the following warning: This phone isn’t currently supported by Towelroot.

The problem is with the modstrings which modify the exploit parameters in order to root different Android devices. If current modstrings don’t support your device, you can easily manually change them and make your phone compatible with Towelroot.

If your phone isn’t supported, when you open Towelroot and press the “Make it rain” button it says that the phone isn’t currently compatible. To change the modstrings, open the Towelroot application and tap three times “Welcome to Towelroot v3″ sign. This will open a white box under “Make it rain button” where you have to type one of the following codes.

Code 1. 1337 0 1 0 4 0

Code 2. 1337 0 1 7380 4 0

Code 3. 1337 0 1 0 4 1

The first code is the standard one and should work for most of the devices. If the app says your phone isn’t supported, type the first number and then press the root button. If the first code doesn’t work and you have a Samsung Galaxy device, try the second number.

The second code should work with almost all new Samsung Galaxy devices. Again, type the number and press the root button. The third code is universal. It can root any modern Android device but it is a temporary root. So you will lose root access when you reboot your phone again.

If Towelroot fails to Root your Device than you should try this methods

Root Android with One Click Tool Kingo Root (With PC)

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Song: Chaotix - State of Elevation

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