Hey Steve: Picking Up the Sister’s Slack Hey Steve: Waiting for the Wedding 1 day ago   04:25

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She runs a business with her twin sister, but feels like she’s picking up too much of her work - how can they work it out?

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Jean Duvelsaint
What’s the name of the song that plays when he takes them to commercial break?
Arella Collymore
Her sister's personal life and responsibilities are not her problem or concern. They're business partners so act like it🙄
Mexican Singaporean
I would quit and leave the business to the lazy sister. Why stay in a relationship where you are just constantly being taken advantage of? The lazy sister isn’t even showing an attempt to be better. In the real world, she would’ve been fired already.
Alicia Dickson
Awkward smiling.
Kametra lynch
Their business is probably starting to grow more. It may be time for them to hire an assistant to take on some of the tasks.
Judge Gently
The woman on the right (yellow) is talking out of both sides of her mouth--her story's all messed up. It may sound mean but, I can see why she's not married and her sister is. Steve's a smart dude, he saw through it the whole way.
Girl give her an ultimatum, either do your job, or hire a replacement. #Boom
Stop using your damn kids as an excuse for why you are being lazy. Do your job or lose your job. Having kids is a choice. Your sister isn't responsible for picking up your slack because you can't stop popping out kids you don't need.
cherlysha wilson
...... what was the question? Lol
Deborah Radford
hire someone to help!
mije zuta
”Anybody know what the hell is going on?!”😆😆
A Walmajor
What was there question
Tariq Lamorell
Check out the honey in the back @3:11
Haha Huhu
Her kids are yours too if you consider yourself a real aunt. There is called a flexible schedule for your twin sister. A family thing and she will do the same whenever you get a chance to be a mum, and live a meaningful life
Rasheik Bailey
3:49 you know you can learn a lot with dealing with people from Steve I must admit I curse him out on some answers because I like the ignorant approach but I learn a huge thing from him and that this is the money game and ignorance alone don't work you better know how to come off to people

Also my answer to her would have been just shut the hell up and answer the dam phone
Anthony Word
I'm a bit confused myself. But bad attitude can ruin a business. Having a family and a business is a choice. U have to have balance will them both. Or one of the other will suffer or both
Joshua Tetteh
lol wait did Steve just do the lizard thing unconsciously or what... hahahahha that's so funny 1:42
Mohammed Hussein
This are the whitest black people I've ever seen .
Flowergirl Power
Get an assistant ladies
Tseleng Botlhole
2 Lizards??? 🤣🤣🤣
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Hey Steve: Waiting for the Wedding Hey Steve: Picking Up the Sister’s Slack 1 day ago   04:44

Her fiancé started getting cold feet - but is still keeping her in his life. So now it’s time to get the man’s perspective.

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