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In recent times, the resurgence of the hijab along with various countries’ enforcement of it has led many to believe that Muslim women are required by their faith to wear the hijab. In this informative talk, novelist Samina Ali takes us on a journey back to Prophet Muhammad's time to reveal what the term “hijab” really means -- and it's not the Muslim woman's veil! So what does “hijab” actually mean, if not the veil, and how have fundamentalists conflated the term to deny women their rights? This surprising and unprecedented idea will not only challenge your assumptions about hijab but will change the way you see Muslim women.

Samina Ali is an award-winning author, activist and cultural commentator. Her debut novel, Madras on Rainy Days, won France’s prestigious Prix Premier Roman Etranger Award and was a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award in Fiction. Ali’s work is driven by her belief in personal narrative as a force for achieving women’s individual and political freedom and in harnessing the power of media for social transformation. She is the curator of the groundbreaking, critically acclaimed virtual exhibition, Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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ibraheem mansaray
It is true for some countries in the world, Islamic or secular that women are treated badly. There are similar cases as well in countries like Saudi for example where women are not allowed to drive, but even that has changed. This is saudi culture and nothing to do with Islam. Saudi is not Islam. Her explanation of the meaning, relevance and rules governing the hijab is wrong and misleading. It is a Quranic verse stating women should cover. But that doesn't mean you force someone. It's up to them what they do. People should just look at the picture of Mary, the mother of Jesus and see whether she is in hijab or not: I didnt see the hijab hanging behind her ears. I'd rather her views were balanced and factual, but it's hard to state such. Furthermore, Islam doesn't oppress, some states or culture might. Below are women who are/were heads of states in Muslim majority countries. This leaves the lies about Islam as an oppressive religion, dead in the water. Bhutto (Pakistan) Zin (Bangladesh) Ciller (Turkey) Boye (Senegal) Sukamgutri ( Indonesia) Otunbayeva ( Kyrgyztan) Jahjaga (Kosovo) Sidibe (Mali) Siber ( Northeen Cyprus) Toure (Senegal) Gurib (Mauritius) Yacob ( Singapore). And for Christian's applauding this woman means you are denouncing what Mary stood for and practiced every day of her life. Lastly, Islam is an option. It is not to be forced on anyone. The wearing of the hijab is a mandate stated in the Quran. However it's up to the individual
if they want to wear it or not. But it is an appeal to women who want to maintain their modesty and dignity, to embrace it, like Mary the mother of Jesus did.
Yasir Sadiq
This woman is full of it. If those scholars she is talking about are spewing rubbish, what stops her from doing her own findings? I guarantee you if she did her own findings she won't even be standing on that stage discussing this topic in the manner she is doing. When you spend your energy looking for what's wrong instead of looking for what's right. This is one of the signs of a deciever.
It's the 21st century and I don't understand why they need to cover themselves. They look like roaches.
celia dalia
I can't understand why all the world criticise the way Muslim woman dress and never criticise the way Jewish women dress ????? They follow the god told them to do not their husbands ....
Eritrea Tecletsion
matrs sht
Doron Berger
Why wasn't there a police force to prevent the attacks?
James Robinson
This is a very educated explanation of the Hijab from the Kuran that should be put out more loudly to the asian women who continue to wear it. I have believed for many years that these rules where made by man, only, for the satisfaction of man who became scared of the powers of a strong woman.
Alhamdu_lillah & Soubhan_Allah
It's funny how non-Muslim men who spend their time deceiving their wives suddenly discover their empathy for Muslim women and speak in their place.
Lordz Son
Islam failed to heal the sin in the people, we can clearly see that the "prophet of so called has major issues with lust for women, and think that is godly?
And they call themselves saviour of humanity in the name of jihaad
Shqiponja Enti
What should a garment help against the attackers?!!
Umm Mohammad
A woman's dress based on her desire and opposing Islam is known as muslima by name only.
Quazi Banna
She is shaitan's agent. Don't recommended to listenn to her
Quran is not the only source in islam. It has to be read together with hadith. It is same like pray or solah. Quran instruct to pray but it does not say how. Hadith explain the how. Same as hijab. That is why Muhammad said as long as you follow quran and hadith you will be on correct path. This talk somehow misleading
blogger CVT
This is wrong about the Quran and islam i am muslim and thank you allah this is not the quran the REAL QURAN IS NOT IN ANY WAY LIKE THISS
mehdi Nothing
Mohammad is lier
I can't believe ''Islam is a religion of peace"
D cat
I wish muslim women did not have to deal with these inequities. God has nothing to do with this.
Sugarcoating outdated primitive ways
God is nor Man or Woman, god is everything and all, the light the unknown to our eyes yet in everything we know. The line to our lifes journey to learn and become the better. As long as your heart is pure and bright as the light god brings. You know that's the true lord you follow. God is kind and loves all, yet he brings sadness for our teaching. As there is life there is death and as there is death there shall be life. We are all made out of energy. Out of God's light. Until we love each other and everything we do not know the true God.
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How to find meaning when reality What does the Quran really 1 day ago   13:05

In this candid talk, Manisha shares how she discovered the meaning of life when things went down and how she made the worst situation of her life into a narrative of triumph!

Manisha Koirala is well known for her acting prowess and her ethereal looks which easily pull at audience heartstrings. However, what many may not know about this Nepalese beauty is her quiet confidence and graceful strength which have enabled her rise to success in Bollywood and work in critically acclaimed movies with directors such as Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Subhash Ghai and Mani Ratnam. Manisha also had her fair share of ups and downs, but it was the diagnosis of cancer in 2012 which caused her to pause and introspect her life deeply. Perhaps it was this very introspection which gave Manisha new goals and motivated her to rise and shine through trying times.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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