Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield? Underground Beach Hut Build 2 days ago   12:57

The King of Random
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Have you ever wondered how you would escape from a locked car? Today we're testing several different methods for breaking through car windows- which one will work the best?

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Comments 4484 Comments

barney Rubble
entire front windsheild breaking is me with a tooth.
Juan Pablo Alvarez Alfaro
don't need to watch this, I know for personal experience it can be done, and it can get your mother really angry at you ._.
Bubba Ninja
Hayden Pepping
to break the side window take the head rest out and jam it down the crease of the window
abc def
In fortnite you can just touch the class
Silent Skills
1:51 is there a sign up there?
What you wanna do to break that passenger side window is take out the headrest then putting the bar between the door and window then use it as a lever and the window will instantly shatter. JIC u don’t have a screw driver!
Poor car
Brandon Yeeter

The king and queen of random
Open Epic Gaming
Now how do you know people won't use this information to brake INTO cars?
the new mythbusters looks great.
Where is the original king of random guy
I would recommend you wear boots
Frederic Ampia
Don’t do this with your parents car
Candi Soda
In an emergency, you want to get out fast though O.o..
Oli Gurteen
Why didn't you open the door on the first attempt it only broke down.
These are the most unsatisfying kicks ive ever seen
What if you have flip flops when you kick the window
Jayden LT
But if ur in the water wait for the water to fill up the car then open the door/unbuckle your seat belt
Melissa Krupp
My mom used to keep a full size hammer in her car instead of buying one of those survival axe kits with the mini axe and seatbelt cutter.
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Underground Beach Hut Build Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield? 2 days ago   10:26

I love digging holes on the beach so this is taking it to another level.
I've always thought if i brought wood to stop the sides from collapsing then i could a brilliant underground room so this led me to dream of a bench hut with a double basement, however it turned out harder than expected.

Part 2 is here

Order The Colin Furze book aimed at kids 6+ which is full of little projects to turn them into little inventors and loads of pictures of my previous projects

Want to see the underground bunker i built in my back garden go here

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