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Giant Hamster Race In Giant - Hide And Seek Cyber Spies - Ufl Video Sharing.

GIANT HAMSTER RACE in Giant Hide and Seek Cyber Spies 1 day ago   06:23

Kyle's Toys & Games
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Kyle and Luke decided to play a fun game with the hamsters! Bippi the white hamster, and Boomer the brown hamster, love to play in new areas! They explore and discover their surroundings, and they love to go new places. The hamsters really seemed to love the giant lego box fort we made for them! We put a fun giant house inside so that they could explore the different levels! There are nearly 5 levels of the maze! Which is your favorite!? Comment #boxfort and tell us a fun theme for the Hamsters to try next time!

Gage1up: https://goo.gl/FR8y5F
Luke Fully Loaded: https://goo.gl/imFGVz
Instagram: @kylestoysandgames

Today Kyle gets to show of his new surprise pets! He is so excited to be able to show you guys! Kyle built a fun little maze race for his new hamsters, and wanted to see which one could do it the fastest! Comment #boxfort and a good name for the hamsters! https://ufl.ae/videow/BBojlvS3JnY&j=52i

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Hide and Seek Cyber Spies GIANT HAMSTER RACE in Giant 1 day ago   11:30

Carl and Jinger family play NEW Cyber Spies vs Cyber Security Treasure hunt Hide and Seek Family Game!
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Similar to We Built a Giant Lego Box Fort for a NEW Hello Neighbor in the Dark with a SURPRISE TWIST, Carl and Jinger with their kids Gage, Luke, and Kyle hide secret treasures in their house like a treasure hunt Hello Neighbor game! This time they build a giant lego boxfort for anyone who is caught! The Cyber Security Guard also goes upstairs and downstairs in a surprise twist in the game. Carl pretends to be the Cyber Securityr trying to catch everyone sneaking in. Can the family find the $10,000 cash money family challenge treasure hunt!
#mystery #boxfort #hideandseek

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