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Kyle and Luke decided to play a fun game with the hamsters! Bippi the white hamster, and Boomer the brown hamster, love to play in new areas! They explore and discover their surroundings, and they love to go new places. The hamsters really seemed to love the giant lego box fort we made for them! We put a fun giant house inside so that they could explore the different levels! There are nearly 5 levels of the maze! Which is your favorite!? Comment #boxfort and tell us a fun theme for the Hamsters to try next time!

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Today Kyle gets to show of his new surprise pets! He is so excited to be able to show you guys! Kyle built a fun little maze race for his new hamsters, and wanted to see which one could do it the fastest! Comment #boxfort and a good name for the hamsters!

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DIY Edible School Supplies 2019 GIANT HAMSTER RACE in Giant 2 days ago   04:34

It's back to school time! So here are some DIY edible school supplies for 2019! You can sneak food into class!
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It's back to school time everyone! Join Ava as she shows you how to make some DIY edible school supplies for 2019!! They help you sneak your favorite food into class. For the food hacks she uses twizzlers sour mini twists, pop tarts and apple juice, juice boxes! She hides the pop tarts in the thick notebook (secret stash book), the rainbow candy in the marker container and the apple juice box in the Elmer's glue bottle! Do you like to eat candy in class? Do you like to make diy school supplies?

Tools For School Magnetic Pencil Holder -
Tools For School Adjustable Locker Shelf -
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