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Crocodile - My animal friends - Animal documentaries -Kids educational Videos
Explore some of the biggest crocodiles and alligators in Australia. In fact, Australia is the place where some of the most gigantic crocodiles live. Know about the diverse varieties of crocodiles which includes saltwater crocodiles, Johnston's crocodile and many more
The show 'Kids Education' is carefully designed to give a joyful learning experience to the children. The interesting segments come as an easy and fun way to teach your children about Olympic sports and exotic places across the globe. This amazing show is indeed a great combination of fun and learning!
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shreyash Srivastava
Aah aah
This is so cool, I do educational videos about countries
Nice work,I share such info in hindi on my channel😃
Ben Gormack
Asian Sticker Likes Video
James Monteith
I love it this is James Monteith son
Buwayang Liit
I Love it
فتى حائر
البزر خرب المقطع
Naeem Babar
yah video in hindi
Pato Rpc
Fucking trash
Cute videos but the accent was not easy to understand
Annie Mautner
Crocodilians are scary, but they need their space.
rowshonara khan
I Allred know about alligators😝😝😝😝😝
Poppydog Gaming
Thanks guys to this I know about them thank you 😊
Mo Loli
prox games
que largo
I have just spent a week defining the difference between an alligator and a crocodile.... bummer.
Brian Draney
Personally, I always call them alligators myself, regardless of whether I see an alligator or a crocodile. I'm hoping to go to Gatorland in Florida this year to meet up with Louis from the princess and the frog.
Brooklynns dolls and more! !
How did you make that video?
Strum Bummin
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My Red Alligator - My Magic Pet Morphle Videos Crocodile - My animal friends - Animal 11 months ago   32:07

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In this episode, Morphle morphs into a Alligator!

My Magic Pet Morphle is a Baby TV series of episodes and songs for your kids to enjoy.
The music used in this video:

Care Free
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
Look Busy
Happy Boy End Theme
Itty Bitty 8 Bit
Bright Wish
We wish you a merry chirstmas
Deck the Halls B
The builder
Hidden Agenda
Bumbly March
The Show Must Be Go
Fluffing A Duck
Marty Gots a Plan

by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
#kids #cartoon #Morphle

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