🇻🇪 Chronic petrol shortages Venezuela's gold diplomacy gamble 2 days ago   02:53

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Venezuela may have the world's biggest oil reserves, but the common practice of smuggling supplies across to neighbouring Colombia, where it sells for many times more, has triggered a massive shortage internally.
And what's more, the country's oil production has slowed to a trickle, so it must now import fuel. But getting around the latest US economic sanctions is proving difficult.
Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman has more from the border city of San Cristobal.

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Adrian Adrian
Not easy to manage a country.why dont give other people a chance and at the same time also give urself a chance too.i dont know social media is reporting the exact situation or not but please dont let the people suffer.
You need to mount a counter revolution, men mount up
You want to help Venzuela lift your sanctions instead of giving bait. Pure Imperialism nothing more.
Mike newman
Venezuela has oil and it's own refineries, How can it blame US sanctions for no gas?
No Name
Venezuelas debt is only 23% of their gdp, if they were some american bootlicking country they would immediately get imf loans and none of those shortages would happen
Don't refine too much of our oil, you greedy Venezuelan bastards! We will be by to pick it up in a couple months...you're just supposed to babysit it for us!
Kirk Wilson
Shortages on something that is completely free.....like the guy said if they dont have money then it is free! Kinda impossible to keep it in stock....
Drift Garage
Yea blame the USA for your mistakes. That’s what everyone does, blame someone for their mistakes. Lol
Luaay E
"If they dont have change ,they shouldn't pay at all."
Dont get it
Thanks narco maduro and his partner in crime vladimir puttin russia while maduro eats and makes his money and gets fat with his small army the venezuelans are starving
Kuwa Sirias
How can you be on a queue for three days and not realise that things aren't going to get better
What are you,Venezuelans, waiting for? Are you waiting for something good from heaven like a kind of miracle? Aid goods have gone to your neighboring country. The people of Venezuela should have tried to received them aggressively.
Wilcox Wilcox
I am an INVESTIGATIVE journalist DOCUMENTING everything in Venezuela. Al Jazeera never gives you the whole story. It's more than obvious who Al Jazeera REALLY works for and it's definitely not the truth.
Gasoline shortages are nothing new in Venezuela. This has been going on for years.
we smell like monkeys, lol I guess every culture has its animal
pun tony
Still that doesn’t mean that west can interfere !!
a ahir
Leave country does maduro atleast know driving atleast as per his real professional
Nathan Remix
Now usa preparing to invade Venezuela Just Like Iraq , Libya , Afghanistan And Many Others . Usa Is just Hungry Terrorist
I forgot my name
I thought these people were starving & unemployed but they can find money to fuel their cars & pay someone to queue all night for them. Smh
Francesco Cauzzi
Always US lobbies trying to conquer and create new Bananas republics, to exploit their resources, US lobbies are the manifestation of the devil
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Venezuela's gold diplomacy gamble 🇻🇪 Chronic petrol shortages 2 days ago   03:06

As Venezuela’s oil industry has plummeted with sanctions and economic collapse, President Nicolas Maduro has turned to his country’s other mineral wealth: gold.

He’s used it to win allies and raise money. But the US, which has urged Mr Maduro to stand down, has warned those profiting from what it calls Venezuela’s illegitimate gold trade.

The BBC's Mark Lowen takes a look at Venezuela's gold diplomacy gamble.

Camera and editing by Lee Durant.

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