How To Stop Bullying | Jimmy Carr: Stand-up comedy: Frankie Boyle. 2 days ago   03:13

Jimmy Carr
Jimmy outlines the two steps you need to take to stop bullying!


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αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3
Pardon me,
Even though his delivery and punchlines are predictable, it's still true. Most people deal with bullying by bullying others.
Although the title of the video is not serious, ironically Jimmy Carr has the best method for dealing with bullies and that is humour. He is bulletproof because no one can say anything that he would stupidly take offense to and nothing that he cannot turn into a joke.
Seymour Butts
Have to admit that when I first saw Jimmy Carr I didn't like him at all, and he didn't make me laugh. But now? Still cannot stand him as a human being, but he does make me laugh. So I guess he's doing his job properly then.
Nic And Dez
Damn Daniel
Angel Hay
Nothing funny but the laughs would be irritating and couldn't go further...
Is this TED talk?
Marineide Cunha
What did the guy say before Jimmy says "you will be"??
Al is Hare
how to
Ally Kat & Co
I love you Jimmy try telling that to Helen Baby on great big fat [email protected]$ing blob fish 🐡🐡🐡😹😹😹 Always the victim never a bride.
A Light in the Dark
Who knew Roger Federer was so funny?
Earth Has Curve
4. the illustration looks like Frank Zappa's Weasels Ripped My Flesh.
personally I"m just here for the laughs. They're usually Good Quality so I do a Lot of Viewing.
I love the ''quit re-uploading' crowd, so Demanding. programmed by mums and daddums giving them exactly what they Demand to avoid a Flop On The FLoor Shit Fit. and now they're of legal age, no where near Adults, and free to Demand of the World and the World usually flips them the 'V' and keeps right on going ignoring the shit fit.
Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen
Oddities e-Club Magazine
Stop voting the leftists in
Grand Moff Tarkin
that was actually a very short and funny heckle, and they were cool about it. Great :D
Marshall Applewhite
Hi, Jimmy. Can you give a shout out to a cow that lives in the mirror in your bathroom for me! JK. Love you though
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Stand-up comedy: Frankie Boyle. How To Stop Bullying | Jimmy Carr: 2 days ago   16:16

*Contains adult humour. *Not viewable in UK/Ireland.
Comedy from Frankie Boyle. Extended version. Apr 2015

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