Exclusive: The Nipsey Hussle Store Steve Harvey Speaks On Nipsey 1 day ago   11:12

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Wagner T.
So you made a video to show there's camaras outside. @#&%$ fkr
buff samurai fred
It's amazing how many sharp individuals are putting all this effort in analyzing these clips, maybe a career in forensics would be something to consider 🤔.
I believe Nippsey was shot by the government because they don't want us dark skin people to have anything
voice for voiceless
ITS A HOAX! No one died. C'mon people!
Anthony Smith
The elite took him out. Eric holder was just a tool
The Real Markpain
For security purposes and insurance coverage reasons the cameras have to be on and working at all times. I took a few classes on property and casualty and I know that if anything is stolen or if anyone gets hurt the only way to prove anything is by camera. Those cameras had to be on for those reasons. I believe they were working and that’s a fact someone besides the family has the actual footage
This dude really took the time to make this video without thinking about the cops took the footage for their investigation? Tmz had to go across the street to get their footage because the police didn't need that when they have all these close up views from the cameras you showed. It's almost common sense.
constance renae
Still trying to figure out why is cowboy wearing a Nipsey shirt and the So-Called blood ain't even dried off the ground yet. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Shaneia Marcelin
So my question more aimed at the family of Nipsey is do they have access to the store cameras? Are they aware that maybe cameras were turned off? I just his family to update us so bad
Texas Love
The police is not going to release everything to the public, it is evidence, society nowadays think they suppose to know EVERY single thing from point A to point Z......if the police don't let "society" know their every move then all of a sudden people assune they hiding something like duh they are its called "Evidence" saved for a "Trial" not The Public smh damn can somethings be left for JUDGE, JURY and FAMILY members eyes only. Have some respect.
David W
It will all come out during the trial.
David W
They just can’t release the footage because its evidence at this point
Been sayin this shit from the jump
WrecklessAzzHell Loyaltyganggang
Yeah right I feel cowboy was gone away from Nipsey longer than 3 seconds. I could be wrong. But did cowboy erase the footage? I could’ve sworn I also saw a second man shoot Nipsey. Idk I could be wrong.
Demetria Brewton
Allegedly it was his brother that confiscated the tapes and rightfully so!! Why would he want the close and graphic footage of his brother’s killing to get Into the wrong hands to get sold and paraded around social media for likes and views with disregard for his family!!! I’m sure the tapes have been shared with the authorities and I hope under very strict conditions where it would never see the light of day!!
Jda Huso
He was on the type of grounds where they New he wouldn’t have a gun on him
Victoria Wright
The crazy part they want tell the truth about shit... But you pointed out great fucking factz n real deal shit that they need to watch those cameras again... Cowboy punk ass had everything to do with Nipsey hussle murder
I’m from California and I can tell you that there are cameras put up that aren’t even wired to anything but are just put up as a deterrence. Shot I got em at the house, they look legit just like a real camera my man. If you in the hood doing illegal shit you not going to be recording yourself commit crimes either. Guarantee someone serving sacks in passing in that lot. Plus the media doesn’t need to release traffic footage to you and the world. I’m sure the family saw it if they even wanted to see it. These theories are a joke. This is some regular Cali shit the only thing different is nipsey is a famous gang member. Live by the sword die by the sword.
He got shoot 3 times then kicked in the head while down.
What are we really talking about here?
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Steve Harvey Speaks On Nipsey Exclusive: The Nipsey Hussle Store 1 day ago   04:59

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