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Today we learn all about the Kentucky Reptile Zoo: The venomous species they keep, their venom extraction processes, how antivenom is made, and more!

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Ryan A Wilson
Kentucky. My stomping grounds.
Susana Martins
Hi, can i use some parts of this video to show on my presentation for my class in college? We had to choose One job and caracterize it and i picked this one. The subject it's human resources. By the way😂 i thought of choosing this one in particular because of both of you. About 2/3 months i found your channel, i was super afraid of snakes, even thinking about one made want to run for my life😂 and now, i want to have one but can't😆
payton perkins
I have a lepord gecko and she is a little shy dont know why
Brandon Hanson
This was an awesome interview, seems like they are doing some awesome stuff there. I live up in Ohio near the Cincinnati area, and to be honest had never even known there was a reptile zoo in Kentucky but that's super exciting! The Cincinnati Zoo has some cool stuff but, seems like they have a wider variety down there so I definitely have to visit sometime
Ellie Potter
At 9:57 the snake is playing peek a boo
Hannah/Jude Vicious Lopez
I by all means do not want a venomous snake probably ever because o have no desire to keep them personally but I will never want to stop learning about them. You can never be overly educated.
Kenneth Burns
omg I whant your merch
Esme Guitton
There are tons of cottonmouths here, but my mom won't even let me get a CORN SNAKE!!!!!!!!!
Fizzy Potato
When you mentioned internship I got excited then remembered that I live in the UK ;-; 😆
¿Do Geese See God?
I used to have a little froufrou dog (poodle/terrier mix) who would hunt rattlesnakes. As in, he would sneak up on them and kill them. He never got bit once in his 15-year life.
Side note: we did NOT encourage him to go after the snakes, but we couldn't stop him, either. The snakes hung out in our yard a lot, so we couldn't do much to dissuade him.
Is that the king cobra on the thumbnail? (Btw, I wrote this comment at 0:09 seconds in the vid so I’m probably wrong XD)
Lucky u got to touch venomous snakes! I wanna touch one....without getting bitten or poisoned of course XD
6530bhp not a computer
western diamond backs are so cute... im gonna end up dying from a bite while looking at one, aren't i?
like chandlers wildlife
Shibby Marley
This video is starting to bore us the venomous snakes
Preston Jones
If I weren't in Kentucky I would apply for an internship so fast.
The camera isn’t great on that phone
Brandon Hanson
I'm live in the Cincinnati area, now I really wanna visit this place. The zoo here has, sooome cool stuff, but the collection these people have looks so cool!
Madalynn Cirstea
I always wanted a corn snake I don't know why lol. I always do a lot of research before getting a new pet. Like my guinea pigs now where a different breed then the ones I had in the past and even though most of the care is the same they require a few extra steps and I always want to be sure I can handle a new animal whether its a new breed or a new animal completely I have to be responsible and say ok where can I house this new animal? Do I have the money for another animal and just regular must know questions before I make the commitment.
Yeni Urbay
Please please 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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My Daily Routine! Venomous Snakes at the Kentucky Reptile 2 days ago   11:29

It takes a lot of work to care for all of my critters. Thankfully, chores are staggered throughout the week. Here's a glimpse into a day in the life of Emily! This doesn't cover everything though, like water changes, filter cleanings, grooming, bedding changes, etc. It's just the tip of the iceberg ;)

For those of you who are asking, Cheyenne a rescued macaw that developed a bad habit of plucking her own feathers as a result of a stressful previous home. Now it's a chronic bad habit, like biting your nails. Trust me, we've tried everything to get her to stop. But we still love her despite her nakedness!

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