Pompeo says US must not let Russia VIP Police escort - USA delegation in Bratislava 1 day ago   02:01

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The US secretary of state is on a visit to Hungary, Slovakia and Poland this week. …
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Angelo Domenico
More empty words from Pompeo whose loyalty is seemingly to Soviet Israel
the empire sends it's envoy to the vasals, that are stupid enough to think they are friends of the USA.
Poland has betrayed the Christians in Syria. While the USA has been supporting radical islamic groups trying to elminate christian existance in the Middle East, thus endagering the christians and jews in Syria, Poland in its's diabolic russophobia prefers to fight Russia, the only country fighting to safe Syria and it's christians.
There is no reason to regard Poland and the USA as christian nations. They pose a threat to the christians in the Middle East.
Robert Ciesluk
Hungarians are brave and wise people. Niech zyja Wegry!!!!!
Greetings from Warsaw.
Piet de V.
I see that face; I immediately click on 'thumbs down'
Putin Vladimir
"The once powerful, ruthless and frightening Empire is now jumping around like a dog infected with rage; he is drooling, barking noisily, his aggression is rigid between his legs"

Europe, North America and their allies (accomplices of crime) should simply sit on their hips, cry and throw ash on their heads, for the shame and pain of the horrors that have crossed our planet, for several centuries.
The West has absolutely zero moral mandate to tell any country in the world how to behave. The world, despite the systematic brainwashing, is starting to make it happen.

If the West continues to persecute its previous and present victims, things will backfire.
Sheeple are Lame
America is doing great job of dividing nations
Max Mustermann
... Trump does that already
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VIP Police escort - USA delegation in Bratislava Pompeo says US must not let Russia 1 day ago   06:12

Mike Pompeo - US Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

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