Machinist Relay | Linear Stage BOLTR: Hitachi MAGIC WAND 1 day ago   12:51

I got a box from Abom79 containing the machinist's relay. I'm struggling to adapt a waterjet cut linear stage into a CNC mill-able design. The stage is part of Dan Gelbart's youtube series on engineering and machining prototypes.
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I thought a Machinist Relay is a track and field event where the first machinist gets the baton to some state of completeness, doesn't tell the next guy what needs to be done, pulls a random fuse, hides the keys to the shop, and then hands the baton to the next guy. First team to pass the finish line with a fully machined baton wins.
ricky Bobby
How many subs does this man have?
Shayn Webb
Can you please pull apart a "Sovamedic Harmonie" machine on David Icke's website? That would be an interesting video in of itself! Thanks for the consideration!
Moshe Galimidi
AVE ! i got a gift for you how can i contact you?
Hope your coolant system has a good filter. You might want to change it at this point..
Joe Waun
My new lathe is not low grade nor Chineseum. It's an OLD school craftsman metal lathe. I think it's technically bench top but it's solid
Hard Knocks Forge
All my favorite ladies give massagies
Mike Smith
It sounds like he is speaking English but I don't understand any of it
WC_2 Electric_Boogaloo
AvE, free tool.
I have a Cryobi impact that is beginning to let the literal smoke out. I intend in replacing it with a milfuckee, so I won't be trying to warrenty it. My co-worker had one that caught fire while working, and id rather have it disposed of in either a safe manor or in a spectacular manor on camera.

Id be happy to sent it to you so that you can fix it to death properly, in a vidjyo, for the interested public.
John Alexander
Came back to say thanks for sending me to Dan Gelbart's channel. A wealth of knowledge.
Bet that last run, when it all comes together, feels good.
m 88
James Klima
Hi AvE, I came across a video here about the Searl Effect Zero Point Generator. I would value your opinion and or discussion on if you think this is this a viable energy source. It's certainly not the usual half baked doesn't resemble reality in the slightest quackery. There is some very real physics to the claim. Please take some time to veiw it. You can reach me at jimklima at rocketmail dot com. Keep up the good work on the videos. Amusing as they are they have proved time and again to be very helpful.
Glad someone knows the words... maybe you should tell Justin how the anthem goes....
Cody Tamling
I'd be a liar if I said I didn't click the video because I saw a PistenBully sticker, drive around in one almost every day, but not in grain! Another awesome video man!
Harry Graham
I have this old Weber Kettle Grill.. Can you help me build it, better, stronger, faster?
5:27 I thought you were just doing a bad job of frying up some bacon while in the shop. Hope it didn't look like bird crap!
Irish Viking
Not sure you have enough coolant there.
Carl Zarelli
Ave could you do a review on the Harbor Freight welder that purports to do TIG, MIG, And stick welding ? Thank you.
priit mölder
Wonder where it goes from here...
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BOLTR: Hitachi MAGIC WAND Machinist Relay | Linear Stage 1 day ago   20:30

Teardown, review and test of the knock off Hitachi Magic Wand personal massager. I decided to hack it: lithium battery and USB power bank. ✪►◄✪

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