NO OIL CHANGES? Servicing A Broken Yard 1919 5HP HIT & MISS ENGINE RUNNING 1 day ago   28:39

I picked up this Husqvarna lawn mower at a yard sale for $30 and the owner said it was not cutting well. lets put it up on the bench for a good service and find out what was causing it?

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Gary Marshall
One of my customers brought me one of those today almost identical to it except his has self-propelled.. the self-propelled mechanism messed up on it....was a goofy simple fix though... seems I'm fixing lawn mowers and tillers and everything small engine, in between working on cars....
Just fill with oil, then the engine takes a dump after a while. These new Briggs engines are garbage. I have a brand new push mower with the Briggs e500 engine. Bought it because it is sold by Aldi under a brand I never heard of (turns out it's imported) and wanted to see what it was about, costs around $100. Hasn't made it to it's first oil change yet (I've determined it should be changed around the time the oil in an old flathead would be) and the top end sounds like a diesel. Also it's started smoking white during startup. I have maybe 40 hours on it so far, not looking good. So I'll see how long it lasts. From what I see/ hear the Briggs e500 is a terrible engine and in fact has even come with part's missing. Not sure about this one.
James Shanks
There is a gentleman who offers tours of the beachfront area in a 1930 ford model A with all the options offered at the time. Tool box trunk mounted externally under the rear window 2 spare wheels and tires mounted in the front fenders all original never rusted always taken to the local ford dealer for service when he couldn't do it any more. The present owner spotted it for sale for $950.00. When he asked about the price he allowed he'd drop the price to what he paid for it $638.00. The buyer told him a car in this condition averaged over $20,000 or more and offered him $20,000 for the car. The old guy almost passed out and when the buyer asked why he was selling it he replied " got too old they tell me at DMV you see I turned 97 a month ago I failed the eye exam " The guy who bought it still offers tours in York, Maine with the car. It was the only car the old guy ever owned. True story and you can find the car sitting at the curb waiting for tourists to go for a tour.
Frank Wood
Most of the newer lawn mowers take only 13 ounces of oil, the others take 20 ounces of oil.
Mario Monti
I wonder if they have these no change oil lawn mowers to compete with the newer electric lawn mowers. The electric lawn mowers pretty much require zero maintenance, except for the occasional blade sharpening. If someone buys a gas powered mower, they should be draining the oil every year and replacing it. There's probably many home owners out there who don't want to bother with it, or gasp, don't know how!
The original owner doesn't sound "handy" at all. So, I think it's unlikely he changed out the blade himself. I'd lean towards him taking it back to the seller who was even less handy but charged him a C note.
Great channel!! When I saw the first video of your channel, your face was not in the video, but you sound exactly like Steve Latarte, who was the crew chief for Jeff Gordon. I am relatively new to your channel, have been watching 40-50 of your videos, and you do a fantastic job. One of the best on here for this type of stuff!! I do have a question...What do you do with all the stuff you buy and repair? Do you just stash it, or do you sell things you fix/restore? Thanks, and I will keep binge watching until I see them all! Funny too!
Hey Mustie1....What did you do with that chicken??
Keep that compressed air away from your fingers.. an embolism isn't fun & quite deadly.
Noah Tall
I've never seen the "mow and pull" technique on grass. Are you opposed to turning the mower and pushing it on every pass? :)
Larry Ballenger
MUSTIE! It's Husqvarna! It's a pos right out of the box!
Toad Phillips
I think they figure most people don't change oil in their mower anyways.. They burn oil so fresh oil added.
Michael Dawson
Just two screws in the rear.
guided one
That's the same exact motor they have on the Toro 163cc
Lyndon Lucier
i need to know what the fool that you bought this from looked like lol what a goober
The oil does not need to be changed is correct.
Only add enough to maintain the correct oil level,
The engine consumes some oil for lubrication, so oil level
needs to be checked frequently and topped up.
MOBIL 1 5 30 is ideal.
Not having watched the video yet, I would speculate that
the reported poor performance is a result of low oil level.
CJ Phillips
I am looking for a air compressor 20- 60 gallon, what is the best to buy?
P Pumpkin
Love that VW Van in your garage.
Mrdead Inmypocket
I throw my mower away when the grass bag is full.
Hey, is that the flee market in ipswich/rowley??
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1919 5HP HIT & MISS ENGINE RUNNING NO OIL CHANGES? Servicing A Broken Yard 1 day ago   07:09

This is our Buddy Robs 1919 5 HP Hit & Miss Hercules Engine running an original Saw

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