NO OIL CHANGES? Servicing A Broken Yard GREAT GARAGE SALE SCORES. 2 days ago   28:39

I picked up this Husqvarna lawn mower at a yard sale for $30 and the owner said it was not cutting well. lets put it up on the bench for a good service and find out what was causing it?

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Leif Vejby
Wonder what the oil is like after 25 years in that engine!!
Frank Eisenhauer
Should've said right side down on the blade
Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil
Plastic carb XD doesn’t gasoline eat plastic?
Mud Sh-sh-shark
when I service I always sharpen and balance the blade
also spray oil under the deck and wheel bushings, cables etc.
What kind of hammer is that you use at 9:33?
Daria Blue
like a brand new mower. what a dumbass who had it on backwards the blade...hahaha
Daria Blue
"of course the bolts are two differrent sizes...why wouldn't they be!?!!" I say that ALL the time about when that stuff
S. John Trombley
I'd bet money the guy you bought it from is into tech. Tech guys keep the box for everything.
Jason joncas
Flip her carb up carb down no
Jason joncas
80% of the public does this anyways ignorance is what keeps you busy and me watching. Just saying.
we had a brand new craftsman that said just add we ended up giving a 400 dollar mower away to a friend that has a lawn service he hard a hard time getting it to stay running but it works now . I work on my old craftsman but not the new ones you have to use premium gas or that high price gas in a can. right now working on one my aunt gave me it won't start I guess I will trying cleaning the carburetor first but will have a new one on hand just incase good video
Aaron Wyeth
I'd like to say thank you!! since I've been watching your channel I have started to repair cheap/ free power equipment and reselling it. with the profit I get from that I put it in to a savings account for my 3 y/o daughter for a collage fund she now has almost $3,000 thanks to you for giving me the courage, knowledge and, idea to start this money making adventure. I would like to send you a thank you gift and I always hear of a fellow you tuber contacting you but I don't see any way of doing that
Bill Ellis
Pity about the stupid ad for Tombola
I'm glad to hear that dumping the oil out of the dipstick hole isn't a bad way to change lawnmower oil. that's what I have been doing with my lawn mower as it's drain plug is under the shield/guide thing for the drive belt for the blade, and I'm not going to take the blade off, and take the belt off to get at the plug.
Lawnmower Repair and Service Maintenance Tips
He had the box! lol!
Peg Tooth
I thought that I'd missed this one, Darren. I enjoyed it for a second time. Lol
You have some of the best outtros going!
Long time subscriber from Western Canada, Have a gooder.
It's more like an add oil, 2 stroke.
Richard Macabio
I once replaced a circular saw blade at it would not cut and smoked the wood so badly you could start a cave man fire. Only after a few months that I realized I had put the blade in backwards. I could have been one of them who put the saw in a garage sale for a couple of bucks.
Art Vandelay
just ADD oil? don't change it? these manufacturers and sales outfits are increasingly assholes in the truest sense of the word. i'm guessing they think customers are either too stupid or too lazy...or change the effing oil. come to think of it they might be correct?
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GREAT GARAGE SALE SCORES. NO OIL CHANGES? Servicing A Broken Yard 2 days ago   20:27

I was able to hit a town wide yard sale, and was able to fill the truck, in about an hour, so lets go and check out this weekends haul.

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