Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador 2017 Ford GT vs. 2005 Ford 1 day ago   06:02

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Matt LeBlanc takes the Dodge Demon for a spin, but the Demon was made to do one thing, tear up a drag strip. How will it perform in a drag race against a Lamborghini Aventador? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

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Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 4

Matt LeBlanc:
Series 25:
Chris Harris Drives:

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Matt.... Matt.... Matt.... the Lamborghini is AWD..... not 4WD
Alex Francisco
Mustangs are better
caged lion
For 100k u want a cobra jet with slicks a 7 second pull was done no mods just slicks
caged lion
Cobra jet will spnk it 8 second car
Stacey Fletcher
Is this even top gear?
Michael Wilkie
The way he shouts “Jesus ChrIST!!” gets me every . . single . . . time.
Edex Killer
Tesla is like "psshh our new roadster will destroy this demon"
... and an electric family sedan leaves it in the dust in the 1/4 mile.

You can all go home, nothing to see here.
Luca Castricum
The real question is, how much did dodge pay them to say that because as far as I know, the drag racing videos i have seen showed that the demon got demolished by nearly every supercar
Leo CJ
No one can beat Clarkson Hammond and May.
Noah H
Two very different cars
Ryan Lane121
It’s a drag car stupid
Samuel Alzate
The Lamborghini doesn't have Drag tires , sooooooooo👿⛽
Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador vs TVR Griffith, everything beats and
lamborghini on the strip. super cars suck
Only 84k, bro i have expected like 150-300k
Cray4S2K -

Before anyone says anything about the Demon beating the 720 ANYWHERE, watch this video. I swear people have no clue what they’re talking about. 720S runs 9s stock. 720S traps 140s stock. 720S does this on stock tires. 720S is a better car in every single measurable facet of performance than the Demon. Period. There’s no argument, swallow the pill.
That being said, of course the Demon is a marvel of technology and is a FAST (straightline) badass American muscle machine at a price point 1/3 of the McLaren’s... Kudos to Dodge.
But anybody thinking that this car is faster than a 720S (or would stand a chance on the street, dig or roll racing) is just uniformed, pure and simple
Demon is a car for Americans who don’t know how to build cars nor drive a standard and hate on cars that can handle but aren’t V8
Andrea Vattiato
The next challenge on the track with the curves.
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2017 Ford GT vs. 2005 Ford Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador 1 day ago   09:04

The all-new 2017 Ford GT takes on its predecessor, a 2005 Ford GT, to see how these mid-engine machines compare in styling, performance, and long-term investment potential. Executive Publisher and Ford GT owner, Karl Brauer, gives you the scoop.

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