Ukraine Genocide (The Civil Russian Air Force Captures SPY PLANE 1 day ago   1:37:07

Ukraine Genocide brutal bombing against civilians..................

The Civil War in Eastern Ukraine, also referred to as War in Ukraine, pro-Russian Rebellion in Ukraine or War in Donbass, is an ongoing armed conflict in the Donbass region of Ukraine. Since early March 2014, demonstrations by pro-Russian and anti-war groups have taken place in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblates, which are part of the Donets River Basin region following the Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 and the Euromaidan movement. This armed conflict occurred in part of Ukrainian territory that was the object of several pro-Russian protests throughout southern and eastern Ukraine. This is an armed conflict between the separatist forces of the self-declared Popular Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and the Ukrainian government. The separatists are largely led by Russian citizens. Russian voluntary paramilitaries are reported to comprise between 10% and over 50% of the combatants.

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East Ukraine put in poor
Very bad situations
Miszczu Babka
God...Man ... for a man
There is no civil war in Ukraine. Invaders must die.
its the criminal terrorist government of america, israel and their bitch "PORASHA-nko"(porasha in russian= toilet) who is responsible for this and the civilian deaths!!!! ......death to the nazi ukrop cockroach filth....the people of Crimea will not be defeated by spineless nazi's .....fuck the ukrops the and the west terrorists!!!!!!!!
Rara Neagra
For all this death and destruction it's one person to blame and that is war criminal war mongering Illegal land grabbing PUTIN !
Then the Russian military and the war criminal separatist are to blame for attacking the city's then blaming Ukraine's military, this is a common pattern to Russain Military which they did in Syria by using chemical weapons on civilians then blaming someone else .
Putin needs the civilians to hate Ukraine so Putin has the Russian military and the war criminal separatist launch missiles into the city's then blame Ukraine for it.
You can see very easy this video was a set up just for propaganda reasons.
The Russian military is weak with soldiers that are drug and alcohol addicted or Russian bums made to join the military so they don't have any morals.
Then the stupid ignorant people who sided with Putin and chanting Russia, Russia, Putin Putin, well they got what they asked for by inviting Putin to start a war in Ukraine, like did they believe Ukraine would just give up more of it's lands to Putin .
Listen, in the video a man tells of cluster bombs going off like many grenades, Ukraine doesn't use Cluster bombs.
Russia constantly has been warned to stop using cluster bombs on civilians in Syria and used in Chechnya .
Hearing this pins the blame on Putin and the Russian military and separatist for this attack.
Jay Pak
Can someone summarize what the fuck is the clip about?
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Russian Air Force Captures SPY PLANE Ukraine Genocide (The Civil 1 day ago   06:31

Russian Air Force Captures SPY PLANE Near Russian Airspace, Tensions Rise Between Moscow & West

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A Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet was deployed to intercept an unidentified aircraft moving towards the Russian border. The potential intruder turned out to be a Gulfstream jet collecting intelligence for the Swedish military.
The Swedish spy plane turned off its transponder while conducting a mission over the Baltic Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Thursday.
A video released by the Defense Ministry shows the Su-27 approaching the Gulfstream for identification, and shadowing it for some time until the Swedish jet changes course and leaves. The encounter happened in neutral airspace.

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