What Is the Smart Grid? Three-Phase Power Explained 1 day ago   05:19

U.S. Department of Energy
Get the basics on how smart grid technology impacts you. Video Chapters below:

What is the smart grid? https://ufl.ae/videow/ZmHJfMPHuZaj=0c00i

The Smart Home: https://ufl.ae/videow/ZmHJfMPHuZa#j=1c14i

Renewable Energy: https://ufl.ae/videow/ZmHJfMPHuZa#j=1c57i

Consumer Engagement: https://ufl.ae/videow/ZmHJfMPHuZa#j=2c19i

Operation Centers: https://ufl.ae/videow/ZmHJfMPHuZa#j=3c04i

Plug-in Electric Vehicles: https://ufl.ae/videow/ZmHJfMPHuZa#j=4c28

To learn more about how smart grid technologies create a stronger, more reliable and effective electric grid visit: http://energy.gov/smart-grid

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I had one of these units on a house I rented in a rural area. It was awful. Standing on the side of the house where the meter was made the hair on my arms stick up and it emitted a horrible low pitched hum that kept me up at night and took months to track down, causing massive headaches. Birds would fly into the house and die every day, and other wildlife seemed affected as well. Research online has shown me that this is because of the harmful levels of EMR these generate and it reminds me of the warnings I heard about these years ago when they started putting them in. There is no opt out of this system, it is unsafe and unethical!
Natalie Williams
Interesting how Google/YouTube filters for only positive videos about Smart Grids when I put stopsmartgrid in the search box, isn't it? There's new evidence that this crap can give you at least 7 kinds of cancers. No thanks. Try again.
Step Ladder
We do NOT need this 'technology' at all, only the globalist elites will benefit fully from it.
They want to use it to control our lives, not give us a good standard of living and you would be stupid to blindly believe the propaganda they are selling you, such as smart meters.
The world is run by and for the benefit of the elite, no one else.
Wake up!
Leonardo Oliveira
Louis Vuitton Don
Yes, let's move forward with this. Security problems? Quantum Physics will allow for more complex encryption keys.
This is not correct. You can have smart grid without two way communication. Utility and grid broadcasting smart information to all users and meters, makes the grid smart already. I.e. by announcing available power and pricing, surges of power, coordinating many users to spread the load in time, etc. None of this require users to communicate anything to grid really.
william workman
Doesn't look like we have a choice. Or do we? This is a temporary fix we dont want this we as people can do this are selves the technology is here. So let's take it
Gri Court
If people are YET AGAIN BELIEVING the sweet lies or are being seduced WITHOUT DOING THEY OWN RESEARCH then they deserve to be enslaved by the same SMART grid. Green house gas you mean CO2, is vital for plants to grow and solar radiation to produce their Chlorophyll.
Chemtrailing the sky, dimming the sun, and using smart grid support robots not humans, animal and plant! See video Adapt2030 and see for yourself
National Dossier
Fuck you Dept. of Energy, fuck your grids
Solsist __
My first act as POTUS is going to be to privatize the energy industry and cut the Department of Energy
ok.. now do it!... or what are you waiting for?
Great!! Hope all countries will adopt this system soon.
fred durst
Well if humans would stop breeding so much maybe we wouldn't need as much power.
Aishwarya Krishna R
Really Educational and Informative Video.Before I started watching this video I had zero knowledge about Smart Grid.Now I know a few things about Smart Grid and I can just built up on that....
In Cognito
complete control of an enslaved moronic population paying for their own enslavement
Sounds really cool!   Dig this  https://ufl.ae/videow/a6RNlm6cnjm&j=34i  .       patents 672256, 3190554 , 3013505 .
Han Realistic
Jesus Fucking Christ.. They keep discovering amazing technologies and still talking about managing electricity bills. Why no free energy? Cables are not storing electricity, if not used, it is wasted... Like money, this shit is also a control system. Governments working together, and once this Smart Grid shit completed, freedom of humanity will be over. We all will be the PROPERTY of government.. Do not VOTE, don't get involved with any government activity. Never watch TV.. Do not open any posts from government, any e-mail from them. It's hard, but if you don't do it, in the near future, you will ask permission to piss, you will pay tax for the air you breath....
Chandni Arts Lalitpur
Nice Explanation
About that so you're basically wanting to make a already complicated system into an even more complicated system when what you could do is take a 3-phase Transformer and with the proper rewiring turn it into a single phase primary and a 3 phase secondary coil output circuit which would allow you to not only be able to power more businesses and houses but you could even use one of those three phases to charge a battery Bank for whenever you do have problems
I'm not going to leave wet clothes to fester in the dryer for 6 hours just to save electricity lol
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Three-Phase Power Explained What Is the Smart Grid? 1 day ago   09:58


This video will take a close look at three-phase power and explain how it works. Three-phase power can be defined as the common method of alternating current power generation, transmission, and distribution. It is a type of polyphase system, and is the most common method used by electric grids worldwide to transfer power.

To learn more visit: http://www.raritan.com/

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