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Just about all Germans have three of four old mobile telephones lying about in a drawer somewhere. That's more than 72 million cell phones country-wide. But simply throwing them away is what's really wasteful.

The electronic elements of cell phones contain valuable materials such as copper, silver, gold and rare earth metals which can earn their owners good money! Germans can sell their old mobiles on the Internet portal "Wir kaufens". The company that runs it, asgoodas, from Frankfurt-Oder receives more than 6000 cell phones a month. In the US and Britain, such opportunities have existed for a long time. Now the business is gaining momentum in Germany.

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Oi! Where's my phone gone?
John Sanabria
99percent of ppl don't know all electronics has gold in it
Richard Johnson
Billy Kidd
All I KNOW is this is USA speak English not yourrrrrooowwwwwsssss
Jason Hatt
I'm glad to hear these old phones can have a new life (either as someone else's phone or as raw material then whatever from there)
Jason Hatt
1:24 Is his name Laser? (Lasor?) Or is that some kind of company?
GeoRyzzaAgi Tolosa
I was searching recycling cellphones and this pop-up!!!!
Issaq ahamed golam e jamal raja
Kia ap mobile bod lenge
lee annie
how i contact recycling mobile in German ?
Was this video incomplete, i was like , hey wtf, damnit.
It’s a cool prcess, i suppose also the plastic will be recycled or sold to recycling plastic company’s as oil and plastic will be more scase each day.
Retro phone show
Great videos very interesting I have a YouTube channel called Retro phone Show thanks
Paul the 2 marek Sørensen
I actually found one of those old phones outside on the grass in a box . I was like what’s this? And then I open the box . I was like holy shit an old phone. But I am not giving it away. Because it’s mines! Mines only!! What am I? Gollum from fucking lord of the rings? Lol 😂
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
wow thanks
Garth Algar
This is where Verizon's replacement phone's come from....?..!?lol
Robert Smith
The US still does not do this very much, recycling equals Big Money, too! (Jan. 11, 2018)
recycling is so cool!!!
murfee 123
I have taken so many phones from recycling bins including a Moto z and galaxy s6 edge. And they were going to e waste (they both perfectly work)
Kathy g Johnson
Phillips ISIS cell phone?
Thierry Jacques De Roeck
Amazing. Clever Germans.
Sam Samee
those sheets of copper are addictive to watch
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