A Shot at $5/$10/$20 Revenge Poker at Ocean's Eleven 1 day ago   18:37

Andrew Neeme
Massive weekend! 2.5 days of MUG fun in Los Angeles, CA taking place at the Hollywood Park Casino. Not only that but we sit in a pretty big poker game: $5/$10/$20NL. Lots to review so let's take a look.

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Andrew Neeme
That headwear.... http://favorableapparel.com
Stacks Smack
Tarik Hyatt-Khan
14.50 you say you river'd the 3 outer. But, am I going crazy here? 3 aces, 3 queens and 4 4s makes it a ten outer, right?
James Wilson
How do you like your car? Is it reliable and dependable?
Brian Joyce
River set making str8 or Flush call for fold. Making the card rooms $$$$s soon to make you $$$$. Got a feelin’. GL Andrew
Amy Meyers
Brad Owen and Andrew twins the idiot awards of poker congrats
Amy Meyers
Why do only idiots win like you Andrew and brad. The idiots of poker.
Chris Legendre
You should ship that $350 over to Fofty.
Ali Makki
Randell is a D BAG!!!
Mark Barlescu
Nice fold
Eric Henry
13:18 nice!!
You live like you're playing 10/20 already!
Nick Vertucci’s chip stack
What was the stack size of the kid that folded J9D?
Johnny twotimes
Andrew I have a pretty strong sarcasm detector, but sometimes you get me initially
Johnny twotimes
Andrew you struggled with that shot my man!!
Francis W
yes I bet all your "dirty work" is done in the desert when you go with your girl..... ;O
Why turn-bet the quad Ks?
Any tips on joining cash games in the casino for the first time? I will probably play £1/£2. How much do you think I need to buy in for
Joshua Clary
Besides being a good poker player you’re vlogs have gotten you so much positive attention. Hats off to you dude.
Danny Badillo
Im the bread 🍞 winner of the family in 2019.
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Revenge Poker at Ocean's Eleven A Shot at $5/$10/$20 1 day ago   18:48

They might've got us the first night, but we're not giving up. Heading back into battle at the 5/5nl poker tables at Ocean's Eleven Casino, in Oceanside, CA. But first... more drone!

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