Rick and Morty | Existence is Pain Ninja Stewie saves Brian 2 days ago   04:34

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Existence is pain to a Meeseeks, Jerry. And we will do anything to alleviate that pain. Just ask...

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Dude Man19
*_K I I I I L L L L L L L L HII I IM_*
John Apples
Did anyone see the glitch at 2:46
Rikuu The Werewolf Riolu
Kyle W.
Yeah murmur it up.D bags
Dat Boi
Pink Guy
Hate jerry. He is by far the worse human/man in the rick and morty universe.
Sentient embodiments of the Four Noble Truths... I love this show.
Technically if they killed him, he still wouldn't have completed the task asked of them, damming themselves to an existence of eternal suffering. They're not too smart, probably another reason why Rick said to keep the tasks simple
Hal Landy
What is this garbage?
I have no creative name
Why is the meeseeks blood cum
1:25-1:45 DC fans vs Marvel fans
Slemke 98
Kinda reminds me of the prison riot in Natural Born Killers
Afterfall 81
fair enought
piyush dhore
Even mesink get guns in US
triggering wick07
Fucking make the next season damn it
I Wanna go Home
Molemo Kgoele
“we all want to die”
chanapol pimsen
Aren't we all Meeseeks
the sad part is this is all a joke but to me and other people existence is literally pain you relate so much to them amazing really
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Ninja Stewie saves Brian Rick and Morty | Existence is Pain 2 days ago   11:37

Ninja Stewie saves Brian - Best Moments#27

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