Green New Deal: Last Week Kochen mit Fertigprodukten - Die Wahrheit über 1 day ago   19:28

With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.

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So this is where all the leftists idiots hang out lol . Okay people take note without climate change man would not exist on this planet. Bill Nye the fear mongering science guy lol.
Herman Langland
Watching this thinking of a country with 0.5 % of the world's population makes me feel kind of disenchanted with the 9 million people in Sweden having to spend hours sorting through disgusting trash for recycling to avoid fines.
Not that I don't think we are quickly closing in on a total collapse of system of the international relations. Just that it feels like to much work for what the actually effect it generate.
always funny
I am loving this version of bill nye!
Mo G.
I'm dying. Hahaha. The Musk comment really hit home. xD
Adon hhk
We have 10 years left to half emission to ZERO according to IPCC, its too late, goodbye, we tried, I'ma go give up now.
NO no... Earth is a PIZZA everyone knows that.... Yes to Many FARTING COWS, and AIRPLANES.... What's next HITLER STYLE Killing of people...????
Evan Rogers
He is incorrect on a few parts. Here is the bill in its entirety:
Persephone Hana
11:36 British people are adorable
But USA isn't smart enough
R. Bürgel
ohh boy, do i like the green nude eal !
Persephone Hana
Persephone Hana
"first A, everyone's talking about it, and B, it's probably good."

literally EXACTLY what i was thought
I am currently living in Copenhagen where every other car is electric. Where two 2 litre plastic bottles gets you a dollar at the recycle center so everyone recycles everything that can be.
Meat wont come from animals in the near future. So yes... we can stop them from farting by not breeding them.
NotTotally Tara
Safety Glasses off Motherfuckers is going to be my new text-tone
The coral reef die off is happening now. 2040?
Doc Klu
Those baskets *were* cute, ridiculous certainly, but cute.
Earl Soldier
If this soy boy douche is getting viewed 5 million times the USA is in serious trouble.
Melania Trump
y this nigga so slow to upload, everyone watches shitty versions of these uploads uploaded by kurtis kim and other faggots 4 hrs before you cn finally upload your shit....
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Kochen mit Fertigprodukten - Die Wahrheit über Green New Deal: Last Week 1 day ago   44:55

Fertigprodukte, auch bekannt als Convenience-Food, erobern die deutschen Restaurantküchen. Für Azubis heißt das: Sie reißen nur noch Tüten auf und lernen nicht mehr, wie man selbst kocht. "betrifft" zeigt den Niedergang der Kochkultur in deutschen Restaurants.

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