The Day South Park Died The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened 2 days ago   16:34

Entertain The Elk
An exploration into the history of South Park, its unique writing style, and the episode that sparked its downfall to mediocrity.

*NOTE: It's not my intention to offend anyone's religious beliefs. Because of that, I've blurred out the image of Muhammad in this video. I hope everyone can understand and respect that decision (even if you may not agree with it) and still enjoy the video. Thank you!


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Entertain The Elk
What topic should I explore next in my Day ___ Died series?
Astrah Cat
Coming from a South Park fan that's seen every single episode, the Whole Foods season was one of the best seasons if not the best season of South Park. Every week me and my brother would be waiting about the next episode. It was when they got caught up in bashing Trump and the season that started with the white people renovating houses that it's been in a slump, but it's been in slumps before like this, I mean think about the lice episode for example.
Bradley Toccata
I’m pretty sure Springfield is a real city
Gonzalo Gonzales
Naw its still live fam
Old Drifter
I thought it was great.
Amado Hernandez
Temp 23 :'v the day when south park die
Gabriella Comito
5:22. SERIOUSLY!? Is that font only available in the color white?!?!
john waff
Politics ruin comedy.
Leftists just think it died, because they realize that Matt and Trey are republicans :)
ETV Productions
“The Day Game of Thrones Died” next?
South Park died as soon as they involved politics
None of these fans commenting here about "SP lives" would have admitted seasons 20-21 were garbage when they were rolling. It's a nature of a fanboy. 22 is just mediocre, this a most precise definition.
Lindón Moneda
South Park is still funny
So in other words, Matt and Trey couldn’t find a way to work in Trump and make it funny because the overabundance of Trump jokes everywhere would make South Park white noise.
A.D Suri
Literally predicted this video would happen when I saw your:
"The Day The Simpsons Died" video.
Thank you!
I would just say they a bit too ambitious.
Jennifer Ofrias
I'm 2 months late but what happend to southpark? I checked and their last episode was like December.
Pewdiepie Fab 64,709
I think when South Park covered politics they were pretty funny with it they made fun of both sides while shows like the Simpsons only make fun of republicans and same thing with family
Carl Mcdonald
South Park is better now than it ever has been you're completely wrong
You Sir, suck
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The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened The Day South Park Died 2 days ago   31:08

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