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Bailey pretends to sneeze on bystanders, Chance fakes his camp counselor out with a tick, and Dusty convinces a babysitter that his eye has fallen off!

Chance, pals Dusty and Bailey, and kid brother Herman plan and execute pranks on their unsuspecting targets. Follow the crew of mischief makers as they create over-the-top pranks for their online hidden-camera show.

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Tom Zisek
I would be terrified if that like happen like if I was a babysitter in like like I just went off and my and touches like crazy I watch scary movies but seriously what is that oh well
Ld Potter lady
You should do a prank where Herman hates losing in games and you rig the game so he loses and he blows up
Mateo The crazy
It's that Bailey watches out the window and there is a man staring at the target and bailey so they call dad and he telescope them to not look away but they do and it appears behind them after
Mateo The crazy
Do the man in out the window
Meah plays Minecraft And More Also Sims
At lest she none of them got really nad
Elssy Reyes
Your good prankers
Fawafale The bunny
1st one

That is 100% fake how did she not know this was a prank
Sprint Sprint
I think it's g IPO grossing zappos
Jadyn Arnold
I would have cried if I thought someone’s snot was on me
Shakedown Bradley
What. Ew. The. Eyes.
Elizebeth Augusta
1:12 MOMO!!! no offence that's how Momo looks
DarkShark RT
In the first one u looked like momo
Eliana Cepeda
I will not be watching this
Uni Vids
0:30 me at school when someone try to talk to me
cool kid Bob 101
Why was this in my recommendation list?
lorenzo fernandez
adam joumad
Samsung Samsung
Memes are what I live on lol
She looks like uncle ruckus if he was a blonde little girl
Theresa Tagliaferri
Yo you did not let her see her self but that eye was big
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BEST FUNNY PRANKS TO PULL Gross Pranks! Compilation | Walk 2 days ago   08:02

There is nothing more satisfying than successfully pranking someone.

Whether it's your classmates, family or friends, the look on their faces makes every minute spent planning worth it.

We've selected the greatest and most epic pranks, large and small. Gather some inspiration with these tricks, and share your best prank in the comments below.

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Share this video with your friends…if you dare! See you next time!

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