Ukraine: Donbass refugees disenfranchised A Turkmen wedding in Iran | DW Documentary 1 day ago   05:28

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Since the war with Russia, Ukrainian refugees from the Donbass region face bureaucratic hurdles and disenfranchisement when they try to vote, and many have had trouble voting in the presidential election.
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Ukrainian are fools... American toy.
Runs the Government

Vote for Poets + Scientists instead
Sheila Jordan
That's Shocking and So Sad You,s Need Someone, Who is Fair and equal Rights For all in Government Everyone, throughout, the World has a right to Vote and anyone, Stopping them From doing so is breaking the Law and the Human Rights Act the same law should apply to those who say that they defend the law but don't they are the Ones, Stopping these Young people From Voting So they Can Keep their, Own People in and Nothing Changes, All of You,s Vote For a more Positive Way Of living end to all Wars, Better Health Care and lower Tax Rates more Jobs, and a Rise in Payments, Better and Safer Care in School Safer Roads, Equal Rights For all the people in Your, Country and to be Safe and Free From Harm or Danger and a Right to Stay On Your, Own Land and in Your, Own Homes, Change is Needed in a more loving positive Way and manner, Message Shared
Anna Wise
Don't let them vote, they will bring a war by their vote.
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A Turkmen wedding in Iran | DW Documentary Ukraine: Donbass refugees disenfranchised 1 day ago   42:26

For the ethnic Turkmen of northeastern Iran, a wedding is the event of a lifetime: A flamboyant affair complete with centuries-old customs that bring to life the rich traditions of these once nomadic tribes.

Anyone who has ever attended a traditional Turkmen wedding will never forget the experience. But it’s rare for outsiders to be invited to the celebrations, and get a glimpse of their fascinating customs and traditions. This report accompanies a young couple on their big day. In fact, the celebrations for Mahym Mirzaali and Karim Gorganlidavaji extend over several days and play host to thousands of guests. The Gorganlidavaji family spared no expense and effort in staging the marriage of their only son. But the ceremonies, wrestling matches, costumes, jewelry and music are not just a private pleasure, they are also a way of preserving their age-old nomadic heritage in multi-ethnic Iran. Even if the Turkmens have adopted a more settled lifestyle since the beginning of the 20th Century, they are determined to preserve their cultural identity. From the 10th Century on, Turkmen tribes spread across Central Asia. Today they are at home in the countries located between the Caspian Sea in the west, and the foothills of the Himalayas in the east. About half the Turkmen population of twelve million lives in the young republic of Turkmenistan, another two million are settled in Iran. They share a common history, language and traditions that unite them across many borders.


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