Digital Exclusive: Dr. Patrick Moore TEDxVancouver - Patrick Moore - 11/21/09 2 days ago   15:28

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gary henneberry
Be nice if Max if takes advise from this guy, We know Trudeau, Scheer and the Green party won't.
Lynda Mackrous
He is obviously not getting paid by solar panel companies turbine
John Steinman
WONDERFUL SCIENTIST........One correction DARWIN was not a scientist & “EVOLUTION” is an UN-scientific lie (religion)!
Timmy Lee
i I have 2 watch this show evry week awesome
Mighty Chang
My daughter came home one day saying the teacher told her more people die from dog attacks than Polar Bears. I told her to have her teacher tie a polar bear up in his backyard and see how that works out.
Pete C
This sounds reasonable to me.
Donna Randall
Awesome interview!
Kent Sears
We will look back in 40 years and stand in amazement at how our so called scientists were so deceived by their false and misleading assumptions
most of our scientist are stupid... and should not be allowed to call themselves scientist...
mary jeremiah
Wow and thank you, God bless you all🙏📖🙏
Little Chicago
An awesome human being! He is also one of the few who is able to pronounce the word "species" correctly.
1992 UN CLIMATE SUMMIT achieved consensus allowing UNITED NATIONS control of education & media & now 28 years later our "society" has been indoctrinated to UN-think.

Now we have conflicting science that supports illogical consensus science (agreement science!? not proven science!). Please look up the diabolic UN AGENDA 21/30 plan & its genocidal for all conclusion. @
Carbon is a necessity for all life so acceptance of any carbon tax is a limitless tax of everything to be paid by everybody!
Cynthia Pittman
Fanaliar. With Him. Agree. Great Man!
George Milford
He may sound factual and logical but he too can cherry pick his facts like others in point his interview in March 2015 by French investigative journalist Paul Moreira, which was first broadcast on French television station Canal+ in September 2014, Moore was asked about the safety of the herbicide glyphosate. Moore on camera said that one "could drink a whole quart of it" without any harm. When Moore was challenged to drink a glass of the weedkiller, he refused, saying "I'm not an idiot" and "I'm not stupid" before ending the interview. Monsanto, primary producers of glyphosate weedkillers under the Roundup brand, denied having retained Moore or his PR agency.The interview came shortly after the release of a World Health Organization (WHO) report adding glyphosate to a list of probable carcinogens. So obviously Moore can change his mind and facts as he sees fit or as he may be paid to do so lol I must admit it makes me laugh out loud to watch the video and his instant turn around from his previous statement when asked to drink the weedkiller lol
Co2 propaganda is going to destroy our beautiful natural World. It has to STOP. Plants NEED CO2, bees need plants etc, It’s because of CO2 scare mongering that waste is not incinerated anymore it’s thrown into the Oceans and Seas instead. Masquerade as recycling.This is way more dangerous than CO2. There are even threats now to stop home heating stoves. Now we are forced to use more oil and electricity which goes against CO2 reduction in the first place, the whole Anthropogenic scare mongering is riddled with holes because it’s built on lies.Please God this madness is stopped.
Craig Martin
aweome presentation. True science.
john s
Global warming platform is Al Gore's consolation prize for losing to George Bush.
Joseph Figliuolo
Shameless twisting and cherry picking to suit his agenda. I have watched over 90 minutes of Mr Moore Phd. I can only agree on the fact that horse and carts will not replace trucks.
Joseph Figliuolo
The false consensus was the Incredible power of religion. Someone had to go to Spain, before he could set off for the edge of the world. Cristofolo Colombo, failed to get to India but found the Americas. Why was his name changed to Christopher Columbus, but Galileo Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexsandra Volta and others got to keep their names?
Robin Bodnaruk
You are indeed a breath of fresh air - sound practical thought. Thanks for this.
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TEDxVancouver - Patrick Moore - 11/21/09 Digital Exclusive: Dr. Patrick Moore 2 days ago   20:32

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