7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates "Transgenderism Is Not Heroism" Ben Shapiro DESTROY 9 months ago   11:21

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How Jordan Peterson Wins An Argument:

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Arguments can be real tricky at times.

We’ve all had that moment where we have great points and feel like we’re in the right, but once we start conversing and expressing our opinions we either look like a fool or a bully.

How can we effectively win an argument or a debate?

We’re going to breakdown some of Ben Shapiro's debate tactics and techniques so you can win an argument, even if you’re wrong.


01:11 - Technique #1: Catching Non-Arguments
01:55 - Technique #2: Getting Emotional
02:40 - Technique #3: Pushing For Specifics
04:07 - Technique #4: Ben Knows His Arguments Inside And Out
06:02 - Technique #5: The Use Of Snuck Premises
08:35 - Technique #6: Moving From The Abstract To The Concrete
09:45 - Technique #7: Emphasize The Conditions That You Would Agree With Your Opponent

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Comments 4815 Comments

Jerilyn Bridges
He is dominant only to his groupies!
Gun control = Deprivation of rights under color of law like the red flag law.
Ray Reyes
The guy is a basic A-hole that uses word play and tricks. Comes off as a mega D-bag.
Steve H
I like how you outline some of the socialist views during the "snuck premise" section. Now they seem even more reprehensible.
He talks SO FAST that no one can follow or respond in time. Run Run Run your mouth.
Nick S
In anything bad happening in the world you’ll always find a group of rich Ashkenazis behind it.
Drew Kelly
Is this a joke? Does fully pronouncing every 't' somehow imply... anything? Like intelligence? Laughable.
Dexter J
You don't have to agree with him to admit he's got a hell of a mouth on him and the guile to back it up.
Robert Latkovic
Why am I listening to a 15 year old talking about Ben Shapiro?
Jonathan Barnes
Piers Morgan is the World's biggest and Ugliest moron after Michael Moore .
Bullitt 1776
Yeah but Ben is right,
3ds max
he talks too fast!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! That's why he's wrong! REEEEEEEE!!!
3ds max
When liberals can't win a debate they make videos explaining why the winning side wins by cheating of course.
Michael James
funny when you say "not to pick on Ben". you actually can´t pick on Ben, who are you? funny
(1) - (7) Jewish privilege
Dennis Menace
no, he is not, see his last interview with the bbc, the child ran out
John Robinson
Wrong, Ben Shapiro is always right!
Мышь из Москвы!
He speak fast.
David Marshall
Ben Shapiro: Bill Gates money is his money

Communists: no, it’s OUR money
Jeannie Salinas
😆. " so...?"
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"Transgenderism Is Not Heroism" Ben Shapiro DESTROY 7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates 9 months ago   14:12

Watch Ben Shapiro obliterates Caitlyn Jenner and the Transgender argument.

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