Our DIESEL Powered Ford Galaxie Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan 2 days ago   16:10

Cleetus McFarland
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This thing will look AMAZING on air ride...

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Cleetus McFarland
I know a lot of you guys don’t like Facebook so we will search for some other options. Most of the decent sites I found required sign up regardless. If you have any website suggestions please list below!
Mike Leonis
Iron Smoke.
Jaybruhh Wolf
Joaquin Espinosa
I fucking hate you Cletus
Richard Hamilton
A Honda minivan lol
Anthony Galloway
Dont get one of the first c8s cause I guarantee it will not be reliable
How about naming the galaxy Diamond? Then you have Ruby, Leroy, the C7 and Diamond
James Malloy
“Land Yacht”
Jacoby Barnes
Rust bucket
Terrance Archie
Jeep gladiator get one of those
Tory Johnston
The LED really brings out the blue in y'alls eyes
dakota lenz
Garfield for sure
Johnathan Turri
Name it Frankenstein!!
Air ride has gotten a lot better since back in the day. I remember a big boat my dad had with air shocks and he literally had to pump them up or let air out of them like a tire to adjust them. I think the nozzle was right underneath the trunk.
I hope those are not airlift brand bags, I have airlift bags and accuair air management, the front bag on strut bags have been blowing out every month tops 2 months of daily driving!
Remember what I said about that Spohn adjustable panhard bar. You'll be able to line up the rear end for normal ride height
the smogger lol
name it "COCK diesel"
Andrew Halliday Music
C7 Giveaway 2019!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!
No make the car match the air can bro trust.
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Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Our DIESEL Powered Ford Galaxie 2 days ago   19:24

Could it sound any better? This once wrecked lamborghini huracan has come a long ways. We have been working our best to finish this build in the highest quality possible. So far we are proud to say we did our best and we are getting better every day. Thanks For Watching!!!

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