Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Sylvester Stallone Vs Dolph Lundgren 1 day ago   03:58

Listen to music from Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga from the 'A Star Is Born' Soundtrack:

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Juliana Soares
Dai eu assisti primeiro juntos e shallow now e na sequencia Lady Gaga... afff maria!!!! Lady gaga estava chapada qdo disse que tava bom!!!!
Nada Disso
Rusbé e shallow now
Quem é essa musica perto de *JUNTOS E SHALLOW NOW*
Alessandra Araujo
Vim só pra esquecer o juntos e shallow now
Isabela Correa Silva
What do the f$%&ng brazilians guys keeping saying?
Gabriel Lima
Julia Medeiros
Paula Fernandes estragou essa Musica , Juntos e Shallow now 😂
Coitada da Gaga, sendo bombardeada com esses br fazendo meme com a Shallow de Chernobyl que lançaram aqui kkkk
Raphael Bittencourt
é isso ae galera tamo junto e shallow now
paula makeup
Gente eu tô super por fora 😅😂
xX0b3s4OxX _Gam.3zXx
To all English speakers or wherever you coming from, i’m going to give you a quick explanation of why there are so many Brazilians comments here. Two pretty famous Brazilian singers made a "Portuguese version" of Shallow, But that’s awful, and literally everybody is mocking it. Both changed the whole thing, even the chorus. It has turned into "Juntos e shallow now" Which basically means "Together and shallow now" Now it’s up to you guys to try to find where the sense is in it.
Allan Lima
Quem veio pelo juntos e Shallow Now??
Mateus Nascimento
Só vim por causa do "Juntos e swallow now"
dayane amora
Juntos e shallow now 🙄
Gustavoou _7
🔰🔰🔰 Juntos e shalow now kkkk
1502 1502
Prefiro juntos e shalow nown
Os gringos não vão intender nada
paula fernandes e luan estragaram a musica
Canal Homérico
Só os Br aqui
Hanna Santos
Só vejo brasileiros aqui
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Sylvester Stallone Vs Dolph Lundgren Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper 1 day ago   10:10

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