Venezuela crisis: Maduro condemns Venezuela: 'Burning of Judas' ceremony 1 day ago   01:42

BBC News
Venezuela's embattled President Nicolás Maduro has called Donald Trump's government a "gang of extremists" and blamed the US for his country's crisis.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Maduro said he would not allow humanitarian aid into Venezuela as it was a way for the US to justify an intervention.
"They are warmongering in order to take over Venezuela," he said.

The US and most Western governments have recognised opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president.

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Fernando Salazar
democracy is based on exchange of producs or money freely in stremist, socialist, communist everything is opressed or controled by the goverment, where nobody rules but the goverment
Fernando Salazar
the comunist ideology sounds very good, but if we study it deeply, is a complete wrong ideology
Karl Marx was rejected from many religions, for his stremist believs,
that is where he develope this ideology,
one is that all things take progress through conflic, but the respond for this is, all things take progress through mutual cooperation where both bodies are benefited
Mr R
apparently all the people on the left are pretentious, critical morons who become expert analysts after cnn gives them a spoon full of information out of a kitchen of issues.
Demon Crux
This guy is nucking futs!
Sees Nails
What does Venezuela have that the US wants?
Bomb em. We need the oil
Christina Mowatt
He is spewing propaganda while his citizens are going without basic necessities. But I agree that we shouldn't get involved. They voted for him and his socialist policies. Let them deal with the consequences.
Juan Batista
He trades his oil for military aid from Cuba , Russia and others but not food for his people .
The US should have taken out Chavez and rehabilitated the country way before this Maduro ever came along . Putin is making tactical and strategic decisions on the fly and the US is procrastinating so long they are behind the 8 ball .
yaite gonzalez
El nombre de Maduro debe ser Más-Burro
Leonel Garcia
Desgracia! justicia se va hacer dictador de ******. Y sabes que, Ojala, Ojala sufras asta tu muerte.
This Guy is Loco, He sounds like a Democrat.
Hay Maduro... 🖕F*** YOU!
Frerot Saint Jour
That's real scary everyone call him KKK.
Ego demon
A fascist screams fascists.
xXUr MommaXx
Bob Knob
Says the tin pot dictator
jfkhiddentruth 61
Putin China will grille usa
jfkhiddentruth 61
save the petro Dollar murder Venuzala
Sooner Orlater
please, will someone assassinate this Stalin to rescue this country. I would do it if I had the chance; I just can't get my guns and ammunition over there.
long live madurro
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Venezuela: 'Burning of Judas' ceremony Venezuela crisis: Maduro condemns 1 day ago   02:27

Effigies of US President Donald Trump, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Venezuelan opposition Leader Juan Guaido went up in flames in two burning of Judas ceremonies held by pro and anti-Maduro protesters in two separate parts of Caracas on Easter Sunday. In Caracas' East, health workers set alight an effigy of the embattled Venezuelan president, chanting slogans blaming him for the medical crisis facing the country that has seen millions suffer from a lack of critical medication, food and supplies. Hilda Rubi, a health worker, pointed the finger solely at Maduro for the crisis. "He is the only one responsible for the complex humanitarian emergency that Venezuelans are experiencing," she stated. On the other side of the city, pro-Maduro activists burned an effigy of President Trump,which symbolically held a puppet of Guaido in his arms. Supporters of Maduro have long argued that the political crisis facing the country was engineered by the United States, who are instrumentalising Guaido to gain influence in the region. The burning of Judas ceremony is a tradition in many Christian communities during Easter, which sees worshippers burn an effigy of the Biblical figure of Judas for his betrayal of Jesus Christ.

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