5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas Why don't perpetual motion machines 9 months ago   12:08

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Some amazing renewable energy projects. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video - Altaeros BAT. For more information follow the links below.
0:06 ➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project - https://billionsinchange.com/solutions/limitless-energy/, http://www.stage2innovations.com/
2:53 ➤ Turbulent Hydro - http://www.turbulent.be/
5:16 ➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) - http://www.altaeros.com/
7:26 ➤ Dynamic Tidal Power - https://www.powerdtp.nl/
9:43 ➤ Floating Solar - https://www.ciel-et-terre.net/

Some other cool renewable energy projects:
Nuclear Fusion Reactor - https://ufl.ae/videow/DxD7XkeJ8tQ, https://www.iter.org/
Nuclear Waste Reactor - https://ufl.ae/videow/Fe7T3W9UrAK, http://gehitachiprism.com/


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Silent Woodfire
Never heard of any of them. The air turbine was a amusing setpiece in The Division 2 though
Tyler Gullickson
more plastic in the water with floating solar, did nobody else see the injection molding of the floats for the solar.
Tyler Gullickson
"affordable wind energy can be delived to the furthest points of the earth" yeah, just like the video, they can be delivered on a semi truck, which might get maybe 6 or 7 miles per gallon of diesel if you are lucky. and that is a lot of pollution, let alone the usage of fossil fuels.
snurk agurk
Not infinite, renewable
Joshua Robinson
floating solar panels is not a bad idea, but it stagnates the water cycle.
Shane Keller
So if you take the energy how do you know it won’t eventually take all the energy from the core and if that happens what will happen to earth
Meas Savuth
I think that if the factory produce only EV Car or Electric car and also using solar panel everywhere, so that you can save the earth and no more smoke and reduce the hot in the enviroment ,,,, the world become green soon, ,,,
crazy shit
Best way to save this planet is stop everything zero development and start farming and plant trees. All we need is air, food and water just protect our resources.
Marty Mcmannis
How will the greedy power keep their power?
7:45 "By combining Chinese and Dutch expertise".....LOL 90% of the products I buy from Alibaba or ebay that are from China - end up getting sent back due to defects/damage. What you mean to say is - by combining Dutch expertise and low cost slave labor in China. I think the first idea with the Graphene makes the other ideas only viable for rural areas.
Why not fist cover roofs with solar befor sealing more natural landscapes?
Dennis Fitch
The last is a horrible idea because all the marine life plants and animals are now starved for sun an oxygen. Thats not free and renewable, thats mindless and destructive.
The young Conservative
My opinion on these ideas
1. Creative but just stupid
2.great idea
3. Usual bird killer
4.another good idea
5. I like that it is more efficient but I don’t want to look at a body of water with that on top of it

Incase if u haven’t figured it out already I’m biased towards hydropower
Arka Das
If we extract heat from the mantle, wouldn't it cool the mantle? 😅
Scottish Scientist
Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer for 100% renewable energy grids and microgrids with 24/7/52 power-on-demand!
Ola K
Ben Kingsley!
Vikas Panchal
Please navigate me to thumbnail
strange lee
OK we take a very long fan belt..wrap it around the earth...then thread it through the International space station. As the space station orbits the planet it powers a dynamo on board connected to the fan belt.
(There may be some minor details to work out).
1:18 he says that Graphene is lighter than air, which means it floats? Really? 🤨
Metehan ÇANDIR

I dont need it I dont need it
I defenitly dont need it

*after global warming *

IIII neeeeed iiiiittt
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Why don't perpetual motion machines 5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas 9 months ago   05:31

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