Power Saver Scam EXPOSED! Chinese Power Saver - Does 2 days ago   10:36

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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Christopher Warneke
Kie Cokie
My dad wanted me to be an electrical engineer but I was hard on the math...
DZ3000 yiuyu
Running shocking people with no reason !?....i think your stay in Canada changed you !
BluE Is hyper
Now the Chinese are going to hunt him down
Hans Ouyang
Oh come on if I'm blocked then there's no way I can see the ad here
But I love your videos
Duke Smart
Youtube blocked in your country
*advertises vpn in youtube*
Usman Moavia
6:03 is the best part of video 😂😂😂
Ceastic Deception
3:33 I think I am your only fan with a capacitor **wink**
Prince Singh
5:53 is super funny
Blooky the mememan.
3:46 legit got spooked
Raghav Garg
Tunnelbear has left the chat
Benjamin Figuried
Wow I want a refund for this garbage
Hague Films
The very next day the company went out of business
Fortnite Streamer 44
Ive probably learned more from this guy than i have from school
Prince Patel
Why don't you just wear gloves???
Richard Asanov
Real Skull
Atleast he didnt explode his mains for us...
What moron would auto monthly pay for anything including a program subscription. I would not do it for a nickle. Crazy to try to get us not only to pay for something but to do it on a monthly basic. No thanks man.
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Chinese Power Saver - Does Power Saver Scam EXPOSED! 2 days ago   05:37

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In this video I will have a look at two chinese power saver devices, explain how they work and why those might not be a good option to save power. Along the way I will talk about reactive power and distortion reactive power.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
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