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Bollywood: Illusion and Reality in India's Dream Factory

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Kawsar Aliyan
Those people who thinks, he is not loyal to his contry, there is a proverb says if he thinks about so
meone,not good, so it comes back to him, so bless srk, and may he be protected, please take back your words....
Kawsar Aliyan
Oh, my god, what an inteligent, and his words are coming from his heart, to our heart.mashallah,bless him this is the year 2019, may allah be with him and his family.
Adolfo Valdivia
SRK es el mejor actor de Bollywood. Te saludamosdesde MÉXICO
Jamil Atan
extremists. Period.
syed hussain
He is a good orator better than the anchor. . Every anchor who interviews king Khan get overshadowed by his impeccable way of speaking.
Syed Shafat
9/11 was an inside job🙄🙄🙄
Ugyen Dorji
"Our movie is still about that college, but it just got bigger." How beautifully he described about Bollywood and India. Lots of love and rspects to SRK.
Lillady Far
Very well said Shah Rukh khan. I love to hear you explained
Diana Davis
This man's humanity is something we should all strive for.
Syedkhaleel Rahman
The anchor trued his best to somehow degrade him , but nah !shahrukh khan is of different level.
I watch it in every month
Miraj Ahmed
Abhishek Mishra
'India is about love conquering all' I just loved the line . Apart from being actor this defines Shahrukh as an intellectual personality.
Aarees Shaik
Greatest actor of all time
Sameer Khan
Incredible ! This man is not from our universe.
moon moonni
Srk is an amazing speaker.
Kabir Bery
The class of this man is unparalleled. #kingkhan
Darshan Shetty
Man... I dont understand why actors need to answer all these questions. However, SRK handled it good.
Garlic Girl
I so agree! There are extremists in every religion. If people would just listen to each other. It is possible to disagree and still get along. We all do not agree on everything anyway.
Muhammad Khan
Extremest is an extremest. Well said by shahrukh 👏
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Shah Rukh Khan Says Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood 1 day ago   06:06

Shah Rukh Khan - one of the biggest movie stars in the world - describes his new film Dilwale as a "cabaret variety show"

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