Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop How Did ALIENWARE Do This? 1 day ago   10:18

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Tforce Sims
2/10 not nuff thermal paste.
yul merced
omg what's with the thermal paste
2080ti with 6 gb gddr6 memory whattt????
Jason S
Impressive machine. It's about time someone worked toward what we want
Brian Lauretta
I would never buy an Alienware 👽 again, I had bought a m14 r2 in the past I customize for over $2,000 and when I got it I tried to game on it but could never game cause temps got to 95 to 100 degrees Celsius throttling right away and couldn't enjoy no good games on it, I only could use as like only a regular laptop for YouTube and browsing. Now today I just bought a Sagar NP8356, I can't wait to get and try it. Hopefully I have better success to game with and do other stuff with it. This will be my 2nd gaming laptop after I had bad luck with Alienware.
Christian Latoja
i9900k and Rtx 2080ti inside but 1080p 144hz panel WTF
PhatLonelySkater PLS
Alienware ❤️
Logan Ronzone
If you wanted to go cheap on the graphics card (2060) could you later shove in 2080?
Intelligence Injection
That employee guy is just a slave bee they send to the conference, he’s not even an engineer and he doesn’t know anything profound
t jones
maxed out right this moment around 5500$ USD
Eric Chan
What a stupid idea upgradeable laptop.

Technology improves. There’s really no point to upgrade a laptop unless its ram or storage. That’s it.

Everything else is a waste of time.

Power envelope of gpu changes.
Who makes mxm cards anymore?

It’s a noble idea but a stupid idea nevertheless
Arturo Tabera
So the CPU is not TDP limited at all!?
What’s that thing to the left
you should add the product name to the fucking title of the video. "proverbial money shot" earned the like
Wong Elfski
Dude you’re gettin a Dell
ya this thing is an overpriced waste of money. for one nobody is going to be needing to go from a 9900 in 4 years, and that GPU is proprietary and any future new ones would have to be custom made for this particular computer, witch would probably be bloody expensive. this hardly compares to the wonderful upgradability of a desktop where i can physically take any video card out their now and in the future and put one in guranteed within the next 5 years, hell More to be honest. i could take a 10 year old tower with a pci express x16 slot and fit a new 2060 in, your telling me their will be new video cards for this laptop around then? nah, just get a new lapotp.
Why cut..3 ahahah, 4 ahahah, 5 ahahah, 6 ahahah, 7 ahahah, 8 ahahah, 9 ahahah, 10 ahahah, 11, ahahah, 12 ahahah, 13 ahahah, 14 ahahah, 15, ahahah, 16 ahahah, 17 ahahah and 18 ahahah? That kild my boner..
houston texas
S Dj
Lose fucking macro keys its useless and makes you lose feeling of where real keys are. Wtf its 2019 and still useless macro keys. Also oval design at the back doesnt make any sense. Besides that its pretty amazing!
Clay Kann
I bet the temps are insane! My msi ge75 with a I7 8750 gets pretty warm. I cant imagine this beast!
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How Did ALIENWARE Do This? Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop 1 day ago   06:17

Dave2D review of the Alienware M15, the best gaming laptop from Dell for thin and light performance.
Alienware M15 -

The M15 is 38% lighter and 17% thinner than the Alienware 15. Loaded with the GTX 1070 MaxQ and i7-8750H, it still brings excellent performance for modern games.

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