UFC 242 Press Conference: Khabib vs Poirier Федор Емельяненко vs. Фабио Мальдонадо 2 days ago   42:21

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ahead of one of the most highly anticipated match ups of the year, lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and interim champion Dustin Poirier will take part in a press conference in central London to discuss their upcoming title bout.

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Comments 6801 Comments

Great job sound guy.

We cant hear ISH, beat someone for a mic plz... geez
duc tri tran
I want to see Khabib - Dustin - Tony the trio fights to determine who is real champ .
It is so nice to see two respectful and well behaved athletes getting ready for a sport event! No drama no hateful speeches ! Bless them both and good luck to both of them
Khabib, you don't need to worry about fighting GSP. Why would you wanna fight a cheater who takes steroids?
herry porter
Usman Sahar
Missing vlc player where volume goes all the way to 200%
MC Yang
what a crowd
If Khabib allows Poirer to hit him like he did with Michael Johnson then I got Poirer.
Sure Thing
"Ahhhh because in Russia regress means you go down progress mean you go up"

This fucking guy 😂
Alex K
When khabib talk...I listen
Henri Bravo
My granddads bingo game is a lot more entertaining than this whisper fest....
Nur Mahmood
Khabib is TBE!
David O
Forward to 3:00 to bypass the blah that made me crosseyed.
Mohammed Ali
One big ear one small ear
ant smith
This guy makes UFC boring! It;s (Ultimate Fighting Championship)​ not Ultimate Submission Championship...
Z plan
Jug eared rag
Margot Cappello
I think that the guys that invaded the ring to attack Conor McGregor shouldn't be allowed back inside the octagon representing the UFC. So now the message seems to be that it's cool to attack fighters illegally and you're only gonna get a short term ban, WOW !!! KHABIB IS GONNA MAUL DUSTIN IN AT MOST 2 ROUNDS. THE GUY IS THE SUPREME FIGHTER IN THE UFC, FLY HIGH EAGLE!!!

@costa azzura
This great fight on my birthday 🎁 hope Khabib win
umar farook
Mashaallah khabib wow super
Alexandru F
So boring, is like no one has the fire ....
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Федор Емельяненко vs. Фабио Мальдонадо UFC 242 Press Conference: Khabib vs Poirier 2 days ago   19:23

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