🇺🇸 Trump threatens to declare What happens if Trump declares 2 days ago   02:13

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US President Donald Trump travelled to the country's southern border as he tries to bolster his case that the country is facing a crisis which can only be solved by spending billions of dollars to construct a border wall.
Trump threatened to declare a national emergency to circumvent Congress if he can't reach a deal with Democrats to fund his promised border wall as he visited the US-Mexico border in Texas on Thursday.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett has more from McAllen, Texas.

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Katie Bistiglione
Democrats are hypocrites and clowns
Spongebob Ranchpants
Most migrants aren’t criminals
Melania Trump
Yes! Build the Wall, tall and strong!
Make America Native Again
Build bridges, NOT walls ❤️
Frey Mark
It took bringing 17 new attorneys into the White House to talk with Trump before they found one that could speak enough assclown monkey language to penetrate Trump's thick Neanderthal skull and be understood by his reptilian brain that he would be breaking the law with his "national emergency" farce, hence the backdown today.
john howden
I think trumps promised some contractors to build the wall...it’s going to cost twice as much to build then there’s the maintenance cost. Good luck tax payers
aldo aguilar
Lying ted Cruz and lying fat orange trump
Buay Buay
God bless you Donald Trump long live president God bless American wall!
Warning Signs
Trey Smith - how God has allowed Trump into the White House - God is in control - Drugs are killing too many people - AGENDA 21/30 - REDUCE THE POPULATION AND ENRICH THE PETROLEUM CARTELS - BIG PHARMA KILLS
T Dutch
With a moron like little fat Mushroom man as president, America is in a constant state of national emergency
Green Silver
While a wall in some places is justified, his proposed wall is overkill. The cartels *will* find a way over, under or around it.
Boyd Gilbreath
There will never be a wall because Trump doesn't care at all about that. The Republicans act as though there will never be another election. Everyone in government is not telling the truth. They are lying to enable something Americans are going to regret until the end of the earth. These people are doing all this right out in the open, simply lying to attempt to create a reality that does not exist. When Trump declares MARTIAL LAW, which is what National Emergency is, you won't be taking that to court. Trump has already shut down the courts, remember? The media and all the congressmen of both parties are selling the idea that some court could reverse the "National Emergency" , but that's not true. THE COURTS ARE ALREADY CLOSED. He will not be opening them. Unthinkable for the stupid Americans who are literally giving away their country. No wall will ever be built. This is amazing: 40% of the morons in the USA support the reality show. When they are very hungry, have no electricity, no cars, they will whine loudly.
O Mahadev
Please make some help to mexico they also want food bed jobs basic living product's then they don't think US
David Rook
Build the wall, let Mexico deal with the their southern invaders like we had to deal with Mexico's own invaders. Trump is right, they will pay for that wall in more ways than just one.
Miranda Miranda
The only emergency is getting trump out of office. ASAP!
Daryl Leckt
trump is getting desperate.
mitch mccinnell is losing control of senate republicans who will work with dems in the house to end the shutdown and ultimately deny trump his monumental wall.
MP warrior
Good for Trump
Joanne Mercader
Thank you so much
Good Day
Good job Trump! God be with you
Thomas Chambers
Go Trump!!!!!!!!
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What happens if Trump declares 🇺🇸 Trump threatens to declare 2 days ago   06:45

President Trump says he will likely declare a national emergency at the southern border if Democrats don't agree to provide $5.7 billion for a border wall. It would allow the president to divert funds from the Department of Defense to help pay for construction. CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid reports on the latest, and then attorney Jesse Weber explains the process of declaring a national emergency and the legal challenges it could face.

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