Apple Photos vs Google Photos How to Use Google Photos to Backup Photos 2 days ago   11:26

Caya -
For years I've struggled to find the best solution to efficiently backup and protect all my digital photos.

Google Photos and Apple Photos are the best solutions, period. In this video, I am going to thoroughly compare the two, to confirm which is the best cloud backup alternative, for both amateur and professional photography.

Cloud storage is most certainly better than any local solution available today. I'll touch on the disadvantages or hard drives or solid state drives as photo storage.

Some of the features we'll look into this video:
- Assistant vs Memories.
- Support for RAW Photos.
- Support for Live Photos.
- Pricing comparison.
- Advantages of a cloud backup.


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Caya -
Alright, some clarifications on Live Photos and RAW after some of you pointed it out:

- Live Photos are visible on the iPhone, but functionality is limited to export video (no frame changing, or loop animations).
- Also, Live Photos didn't seem to work cross-device. A Live Photo on my iPhone doesn't show up as Live on the web version, and I didn't find a way to export the original from web or Android.
- Some RAW photos are supported, such as the DNG format. However, the standard sony ARW format is not. I found problems with support for Canon CR2 as well.
- Furthermore, there are no additional editing tools for RAW photos. Apple does provide some additional exposure settings when the image is in RAW.
I have an iPhone 7Plus: so are you recommending I download both apps? How would that work on my phone? I’ve been currently using GP. I didn’t even know about the AP. I heard a couple things that sound like AP has a couple conveniences over GP but right now I’m just going to stick to GP. Good video though.
William Rivera
When I try to play a video that is saved to iCloud photo library it takes forever to load. On Google Photos, my videos load immediately as if they were just like streaming a YouTube video
Google photos unlimited shit
Linda Byram
SO I have a number of albums created using iCloud...I have Google Photos as well. Google does NOT have my albums. How do I transfer albums from Apple to Google?
Linda Byram
SO I have a number of albums created using iCloud...I have Google Photos as well. Google does NOT have my albums. How do I transfer albums from Apple to Google?
Ernst Kashofer
I have some old videos in MPEG format. This format is not supported by apple fotos, so I can´t view them on my iPad, and even if you install a video player for this, you cannot simply click on the video to open it in the video player.
Possible solutions would be:
1. converting the videos to another format .. :-(
2. Organizing the videos in another area of iCloud as a File. Then you can add this file to the video player and view it.
Both are no acceptable ways. I want to have all my (also historical) photos and videos chronologically sorted and I want to be able to open every picture and video with one click. So I decide for Google Photos.
Well, that was not helpful. I wanted to choose one and now you made me desire both.
Deon Holtzhausen
I have an iPhone Xs with 64GB. I have noticed that all photos & videos in my iPhone library are duplicated to iCloud on my phone. Is this also true for Google Photos? Why can it not just link to photos in my iPhone library in stead of every App duplicating it?
Jon Ngwisha
excellent video
Gutz Man
I prefer to use the service that’s more about my privacy and one that doesn’t work with government. Also two factor authentication can be a bitch at times even for you to get into even if you know the password. Kind of like my wife. Like that saying goes my wife barely likes me so I know she won’t fuck with u.
Spencer Ingraham
Google outweighs apple for sure
Samara Gallaher
You are brilliant to explain the difference between the two options, in a way that I could understand a great presentation. I use Lightroom and have been using smart switch to transfer files from my samsung note 8 to my mac pro. I have google photos on my android and apple photos on my mac but prefer to use Lightroom to edit so the photos app on my mac i don't use. Just need to be able get google photos and lightroom to chat. Any suggestions to make this possible???? or am I missing the obvious. Cheers and many thanks again Marelda NZ
Farley Lai
One aspect not covered is how easy/seamless it is to post photos stored on iCloud/Google Photos to social media, e.g. FB or IG just like you post directly instead of external links.
Will live photos be retained?
Yo Day
Google photos can be installed on iPhone, vice versa isn't true.
love his voicecracks tho xD
Mary Christopher
Great Information ... You are very clear and articulate and know what you are talking about. Thank You ... !!!
C. Barrington
Do you ever think of teaching, you explain things so well.
Jden Ian
OMG after all this how on earth did you not talk about Google's privacy issues, gigantic RED circle, once you upload the 100% now own that image even after it's been deleted, they reserve the right to use, distribute, edit ect ect
Seems like he is an Apple guy. Google photos does support live images with unlimited storage lol. Apple is shitty company just needs your money.
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How to Use Google Photos to Backup Photos Apple Photos vs Google Photos 2 days ago   06:15

Today I am going to show you how to backup ALL your photos with Google Photos for FREE!!!


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