Russian war trophy video of dead [eng subs] 07/02/14 Combat 1 day ago   20:13

Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised. A Russian war trophy video celebrating captured and killed Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers from the Russian held invaded territory of Eastern Ukraine, January 2015.

The Russian soldiers interrogate Ukrainian soldiers and batallion volunteers, dump corpses for display, and parade the captured POWs in public who endure revengeful assault by civilians.

I try to imagine that I am one of the corpses in this video. I would want my family and friends to remember how I lived. My country and the world should know how I died.

Raw video. Viewer discretion advised: Graphic images.

2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine

2014 Crimean war

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izzul hamzah
Givi is dead now. Hope they got a better replacement.
Johnnn Doeee
Human life means nothing these days sad man real sad
Gangis Khan
My War!
kev the random pro
Святой Джо
This guy with a knife will die in two years, on February 8, 2017 he would be blown up in his office. His body looked like after napalm.😁
Noah Thompson
Poor people they shouldn’t be trophied like that they died serving their country though that’s what’s important Rest In Peace
gud boi
Country humans*
Russia abusin ukraine
gud boi
Ahem*is dis call of duty?
Evil Shadow
Why do people hurting each other?
Can any one give and explain?
This video once again proves the UN and all peace groups are useless
Roman zakharchuk
Ryssian bullshit you enter in ukraine with ukranian flag an conquist Krimea and now in 2019 you use russian FLAGS BITCHES I KNOW ALL RUSSIAN YOU WANT TO CONQUISTE GIORGIA UKRAINE AMERICA BUT YOU ARE ALLL FIRE IN THE HELLL FOR GIORGIA AND UKRAINE
This is war, this is what y'all want, beautiful isn't it?
XXX Adidos
Жёсткий чилаут
Are those American made boots on the dead guys?
p ahir
john eric santiago
So sad. Everyone in both side dont want war. They are just following the highest person in authority.

The real victim of war is not only the civilian but the soldiers itself.

All of them are fighting for what they believe. Even though they want to run away. But their superior might kill them.
Very sad for the soldiers.
Александр Пономарев
Не ну чего вы хотите от человека, чей город ебали артиллерией. А пиздеть, это не мешки ворочать. Это война, а война благодаря вашему правительству, которое бутерброды с чаем по Майдану носили в 2014, вешая лапшу на уши, нашим наивным далбаебам.
Chris p Bacon
This video is awesome
Armands J
Ukrainian was planning go to NATO but then Russians started attack them,love from (Latvia) to Ukrainia
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[eng subs] 07/02/14 Combat Russian war trophy video of dead 1 day ago   18:54

[eng subs] 07/02/14 Combat footage: NAF troops entering Tchernukhino and seizing positions there

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