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Germany, Europe's biggest economy with a huge industrial base, has long aimed to make the transition to green energy. In 2018, renewables such as wind, hydroelectric, solar and bio-mass power made up more than 40 percent of Germany's energy mix. However, conventional energy sources still play a big role, and the clock is ticking. Germany plans to phase out nuclear power by 2022 and coal by 2038. But there's a catch. Relying on renewables can pose a risk to energy security.

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first Impression
So burning coal and causing Gloal Warming has no cost to Germany's economy ?
Stefan Lucian Vladescu
You are soooo bias to renewable energy!!! Just wait for 10 years and you will se how stupid you where ! ! !
Paul Adams
The number of cities reporting they are predominantly powered by clean energy has more than doubled since 2015, as momentum builds for cities around the world to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources.
pump hydro
Zhang Yu
It is wise for Germany to shift from fossil to renewables.
The problem is that German's have been fed one-sided news on nuclear. Without facts and almost only mud from GP and so.

This made them take a political choice to not follow science en technology.

And be locked into a spiral of cost and constant pollution by choosing wind and solar (with 20 year lifetimes).
And needing huge control and backups by the dirtiest fossil industry in the last decades and for ever if they keep this policy.

While so called atomausstieg would happen.
Nature and energy do not stop to exist.
There are 450 nuclear reactor in the world and are increasing on today's prognosis.

And will increase more by more countries only have that option to replace coal and (Russian) (Bio) gas.
And the world electricity market will only increase.

It is unsustainable to be so unknowing of what nuclear really is, dogmas will brake.
Tibor Z
Make more renewables. Cut out coal and increase natural gas. Plant more renewables next to heavy industries. I believe that would solve the problem.
Joe Black
I'd have thought it would be beneficial to phase out coal completely before phasing out nuclear, but for all we know these nuclear stations are nearing their end of life.
Umakant Shridhar Chaudhari
you just need is lots of grid tied batteries and grid tied Hydro source, water as storage
Lukáš Doležal
Ok. So you take one risk item (which is valid), but say no possible solutions, no developments in that area. Good journalism.
Данил Данил
Nord Stream 2 is political project.
Phase out the coal by 2022 instead and the nuclear 2038. We have to cut co2 now!
Tom Kelly
Germany should have followed France's lead and upgraded their nuclear power system and shut down the coal fired power plants. I know Germans love to burn coal but Nuclear is the future of energy no matter what way you splice it.

Yes Renewables are excellent. Germany, you did really well by going with wind and solar in a big way. biogas and biomass are also excellent options as well. Geothermal too. With a population like yours on such a tiny piece of land (I live in Canada) I really think you shot yourself in the foot by shutting down your nuclear power plants.

Check out what France is doing with their nuclear waste management. France is leading the world when it comes to nuclear waste management. Their electricity prices are also much lower then yours. When done properly, Nuclear is a really really good choice!
Ill risk renewable energy. The opposite is the entire planet is destroyed.
nichts angehen
No! nuclear power plants as we know them are not cleaner and safer. People seem to forget very fast about the greedyness of capitalism.
Don't understand why everybody is cheering Germany. They're still burning coal to produce energy. Look at France, all nuclear, much cleaner and more sustainable, and half the CO2 emissions per capita. Nothing's sustainable in Deutschland.
Fine, get rid of your nuclear if you want, but get rid of coal first.
Jain Jose
How nuclear becomes risky and dangerousI don't understand. nuclear is one of the safest and cleanest energy source in the world you ask the French about that.
Oil is gone by 2038 anyway.
Wilfred Peake
stop bad talking nuclear its one of the cleanest form of electricity and scales quickly
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