The risk of banking on renewable energy Thorium can give humanity clean, 2 days ago   07:18

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Germany, Europe's biggest economy with a huge industrial base, has long aimed to make the transition to green energy. In 2018, renewables such as wind, hydroelectric, solar and bio-mass power made up more than 40 percent of Germany's energy mix. However, conventional energy sources still play a big role, and the clock is ticking. Germany plans to phase out nuclear power by 2022 and coal by 2038. But there's a catch. Relying on renewables can pose a risk to energy security.

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What's wrong with Nuke? Is there something cleaner and safer than Breeder Reactors? One can even use it to burn the remaining of Prypiat and whatever actual/past nuke garbage till there is no more... I think inefficiency still pays too much. Is corruption the problem?
I know more about solar energy than the people who own the panels and I think that’s sad it’s not a reliable source you have a back up for a reason
you cannot run smelters on renewables, period. Australia has one of the biggest tesla batteries in the world and it can only run one smelter for 8 mins. Base load is the only way to make industrial power security. Germany gets its security from poland coal and French nuke power, go figure.
Christopher Darker
Cupid Stunts !
Morons. Thorium reactors are the answer.
Jake Ryker
If they force it, they'll eventually get there 😆
Talha Tariq
They should force companies that use massive amounts of electricity to make and generate their own power renewably
So wish we would see this as the equivalent of a world war and invest more
Abraham Breuer
Solar panels are black so they attract Heat causing global warming🐶
Rob Vann
Carbon neutral by 2050 is a recepie for extinction . We need to step it up to stabilize the biosphere or we are finished.
Christopher Darker
ATOMIC FUSION will be here soon.
Goodbye wind farms and solar P.V
vincent fong
Human is so short sighted. If every human has to buy battery storage solar panel for their buildings , houses, across the entire cities, across the entire road network, it won't be cheap but we didn't have any petrol station for 2000 years and it only took us 100 years to build the petrol infrastructure.
Robin Yilmaz
4:23 man in only there was a clean and reliable energy source..
If such a magical thing existed, I'd call it nuclear power..
Robin Yilmaz
1:20 this graph shows that on average, all other European countries have a greater portion of clean power than Germany does. Germany world leader? Not without nuclear.
Jorge Manso
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Robert Brown
Still did not explain how Germany can have enough baseload power without nuclear. Renewables with gas backup will still produce greenhouse gas and lots of it since wind and solar only operate effectively 10% to 30% of the time, even with a smart grid.
Ben Jamin'
Germany and thus Europe now under the thumb of Putin. Well done Germans.
Esko Pettay
It is madness to shut down nuclear power plants. Nuclear is the safest and cleanest way to produce energy.
first Impression
So burning coal and causing Gloal Warming has no cost to Germany's economy ?
Stefan Lucian Vladescu
You are soooo bias to renewable energy!!! Just wait for 10 years and you will se how stupid you where ! ! !
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Thorium can give humanity clean, The risk of banking on renewable energy 2 days ago   16:07

Kirk Sorensen stumbled across thorium while doing research on how to power a lunar community. Thorium is a cleaner, safer, and more abundant nuclear fuel—one that Kirk believes will revolutionize how we produce our energy.

Kirk Sorensen began his work with thorium while working as an aerospace engineer at NASA. In 2010, he left NASA to work as the chief nuclear technologist at Teledyne Brown Engineering. In 2011, he founded Flibe, a company focused on developing modular thorium reactors.

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