How to make Easy motor at home How to Make/Build a Lifter or Ionocraft 2 days ago   03:04

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How to make Easy motor at home 2017

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Jayfone Cervera
What is the size of the wire used for the coil? Thank you
Egor Mrinskiy
Go to Inplix if you'd like to build it yourself.
Borys Fomichev
I'm sure that you will find good way to make it on InpliX Website.
Adkins Mikkelsen
It's simple, Just go to WoodPrix page - click the start button and make it yourself.
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How to Make/Build a Lifter or Ionocraft How to make Easy motor at home 2 days ago   13:14

A step-by-step guide to making a lifter/ionocraft, a small, very lightweight, triangular ion wind propelled device powered with a high voltage and substantial current power supply. This uses an aluminum foil skirt for the bottom electrode, a 30 gauge (30 AWG) bare wire for the top electrode and balsa wood for the support structure. The glue is cyanoacrylate. The means of propulsion is ion wind (also called ion cloud or electric wind.)

I also demonstrate some high voltage safety features, how to work safely with high voltage.

To see the lifter air flow very clearly, watch my "Lifter Voltage/Current and Smoke/Airflow Test Measurements" video:

To see "How Ion Propulsion, Lifters and Ionocrafts Work"

See also:
"Star Trek Enterprise Model with Ion Propulsion added"
"How to add Ion Propulsion to Star Wars TIE Fighter Model"

Watch my "Ion Wind Rotor" video for a slightly different design and some discussion about ion wind:

I also demonstrate this lifter/ionocraft in my "How to Make 30kV High Voltage DC Power Supply" video:

For more about lifters, see:

For more about my homemade/diy power supply used in this video, see:

For how to make a high voltage power supply using a computer monitor, see:

And if you can't build a power supply then you can buy one. I've bought from here in the past. Just tell them what you're doing, they're familiar with lifters:

Materials needed (see the video for the dimensions):
- aluminum foil, the same one use in your kitchen. Use the lightweight one, not the heavy duty one.
- bare, uninsulated very thin wire. It should be 30 gauge (AWG) or thinner.
- balsa wood 1/16" x 1/16"
- thread
- cyanoacrylate glue or krazy glue
For the power supply see the links given above.

The CGI animation of the astronaut was made using Blender 2.59.

To follow me on Twitter:!/RimStarz

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