Blippi Learns about Skateboarding Blippi Goes Up in a Bucket Truck 1 day ago   11:14

Blippi learns how to Skateboarding with Shaun White. Blippi makes educational videos for children and Shaun White is a professional Skateboarder and gold medalist Snowboarder. Hang out with Blippi and Shaun White on the skateboard ramp for the day and learn about fun outdoor activities for kids and toddlers to keep them active. Learn how to set up a skateboard with Blippi and learn how to skateboard for beginners with Shaun White. In Blippi's educational videos for toddlers you will learn colors, learn numbers through his Blippi videos and fun Blippi songs for toddlers. For more Blippi videos and Blippi songs like this Blippi skateboarding video be sure to subscribe at

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Special thanks to Shaun White, wht space apparel, Brooklyn Projects, Wilder Smith and Jonny.

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Blippi Goes Up in a Bucket Truck Blippi Learns about Skateboarding 1 day ago   10:02

Blippi fixes a road light in a bucket truck. Watch this Blippi educational video for toddlers to learn about machines for kids. This machine for kids is called a bucket truck, and Blippi loves them! Listen to the Blippi bucket truck song in this Blippi bucket truck video. If your child loves diggers for children, tractors for children, firetrucks for children, then this fun Blippi video of the bucket truck will be a great educational video for them. Learn all about bucket trucks and what they do with Blippi.

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