SML Movie: Taken Away! Ocean Adventures & Drowned | Block 1 day ago   13:14

Ken gets taKEN away from Cody!

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Oscarm1258 channel
12:16 I'm dying that Tyron were ground to Cody. But imagine if Tyron should ground Ken instead😂
zee bee
Make a video stucken
Lunar Eclipse
The most important thing i lost was my iPhone
Damarion carr
This is how many times Cody said no he’s not
Sebastian Pereira
One time i lost my favorite plush and i crayd for a long time
engelOMG '
OMG super bowser Logan is the best
Did I miss anything? Why is Tyron back with the cow?
Le Baby
Like Cody’s mom
Le Baby
It should have been 744 cause those letter spell pug
Tyra Curry
Responding to the question at the end: A Stuffed Jack Russel from Build-a-bear... I'll never forget you, Freemont... :,(
Yackelyn Peinado
I have lost my cat named cloud a owl ate it
Difuse Bongo
junior so dumb
Can you please bring jeffy back!!:( you hardly post about jeffy:(
Orange Love Kirby
is 444
Fire King
Make a episode that has Jeffy gets a new language.
Jake John
bacon bro
SML VIDEO IDEA : Shooken so basically Jr gets shook by his dad by getting "whooped" or somthing like that then jr turns gay and Cody and jr fight over ken.
JaQaevious Freal
Marco Galvan
Codis mom is a fat cow 🐄
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Ocean Adventures & Drowned | Block SML Movie: Taken Away! 1 day ago   03:32

In this funny minecraft animation, steve tames a wolf, trades with a wandering trader, and builds a boat to explore the ocean and sunken ships. He finds a drowned and an emerald too. watch out - pig is possessed by herobrine!

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Stan - Jonah Rashid
Porkchop - Austin Cook
Chick - Kyotosomo
Drowned - Stephen Pena

#Minecraft #BlockSquad #OceanDrowned

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