The Last Leaf Story | Stories Ang Hari at Ang Ogre | The King and the Ogre 2 days ago   28:47

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Hans Chou
This story lets me burst into tears!!!!😭😭😭
Keith Elijah Fortuno
Btw,English Fairy Tales have same stories and concept with you.
Jeremie Bacud
i love you🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Lameaa The Diamond
Such a beautiful story 😊
Garry Gugu
That's what happened to my friend
Gacha Rose
Anyone else in 2068?
Naga Kurra
poor Mr bherman
Gacha hearts
Earth , has the word art in it 🌎
Sreen Ng
I feel like crying
Ans Arif
Last leaf is so nice story about art reminds me the novel to the lighthouse of Virginia woolf .
smruti kumari
this story was there when I was in class 10 icse... the last leaf 🍃
Somto Nzenwa
Please produce every minute
Kerio Kerio


I am 28 yrs old and still love this..
Sanuthmi Dolage
At 1:04 was that king Roland
Ami Nayak
I am 15 but i still watch this....its soo amazing to be a kid again...
the place is greenwhich and not artsville
Binhe Zhao
Mr.Behram died😢
I love the story of last leaf it gives me positive strength.
Mahi shaqi
This is so sad . But always be positive and never give up! ✊✊✊👍
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