Chrissy Teigen Plays 'Chrissy, Reese Witherspoon Reacts to Jennifer 1 day ago   02:49

Chrissy Teigen is known for her hilarious Twitter posts, so Ellen tested her knowledge of her own content with a game called "Chrissy, Can You Fill in Your Blanking Tweets?”


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Meagan Bianca
After this I am sure they started sending her pictures of ______ again
Well she is also famous for being famous
Ums Sal
Her laugh is so contagious 😂
I always wondered if those are her natural cheekbones or does she have cheek implants/ fillers🤔
Alabama Gaming League
I love her
Mez Zyd Michal
Is she the one who played Jessie in the Disney movie Jessie if she did she MUST OF MISSS CAMERON BOYCE!
Emily McNamara
I love your show
Abdul lll
American girls are talking it to the next level 😨
Rebecca Chen
I love that she laughs so hard at her own jokes cus same
Kristys Stuff
My real name is Chrissy and one thing that sucks being a Chrissy is that when you go to like a store you want the keychain with your name so you look and theirs only

And no Chrissy
Bayan Mohamed
She did even get one right, now I’m not sure who actually writes these tweets 🧐
Norleetha M
I can watch her all day
Clout Claudius Charles
This is a person who strictly lives in the moment
Kelly Redman
I love her sweet family.
lanilm kopo
oh my GOD it keeps getting better
mixio hili
Comments? On a Ellen video? How?
Charu Rawat
She laughs like demi lovato’
bilinas mini
Comments? On a Ellen video? How?
She better hope there's no consequences and repercussions.
Her laugh is similar to Goldie Hawn’s tho🤔 so carefree & genuine
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Reese Witherspoon Reacts to Jennifer Chrissy Teigen Plays 'Chrissy, 1 day ago   05:59

Jennifer Aniston recently admitted to Ellen that she's better friends with her than Reese Witherspoon, who claimed she is closer with her "The Morning Show" co-star. Ellen played the clip back and the Oscar winner was stunned to hear the answer. Plus, Reese talked about her obsession with cute dogs, and her summer with her other best friend, Oprah!



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