Russell Westbrook Traded to Rockets! NBA "Bullying the Opponent" Moments 2 days ago   03:28

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Comments 4153 Comments

its huge omg
My fav is okc but im happy for westbrook
its huge omg
Thats all your opinion
Niko Mazanashvili
Don't judge by the past, judge by the future.
Sophia Garza
Yes i oove it im a rockets fan
Gavin Ha
Your stupid chirs smoove
The OKC Fan
I'm now cheering for Steven Adams now.
K Watson
What you know bro lol
Lil Stomach Ache
Two mvps doesn't make any sense? Gtfo hater!
farrukh khan
Trash trade cause harden and westbrook are ball hogs
Leilani Caballero
you dont know Basketball my friend. Two MVP is better than 1
Gucci123466 Gg
Westbrook has shooters around him there gonna be guarding the shooters so Westbrook can drive in the paint and when that one person comes to guard him he’s gonna kick it out and it’s a easy three there probably gonna do that all game and Westbrook gonna average 45.1 points per game and harden gonna average 55.2 pints per game and the rest 10.5 per game
Lester John Talde
you realize they are young back then right???????????????? just watch!

Tammy Camps
its going to make them bretter
tassos 13
Chris smoove stop talking about basketball
Soulja Boy
Ya Westbrook totally gonna shoot hella 3s hahaha
Travis Murphy
Bro you are trippin hard
Susie Lee
LNU going to be mad
Trent Nolen
NBA championship on the way 👀👀for the rockets
Thunder in 9...10...maybe 11.
Cliff Charmant
Russ needs to practice those threes before the season or he is in trouble
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NBA "Bullying the Opponent" Moments Russell Westbrook Traded to Rockets! 2 days ago   05:33

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