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Richard Aguilar
Expect that you will see these 10 Amazing Electric Cars On The Roads And Highways By 2025.
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NO.10 The SF Motors SF5
The company plans to start the production of SF5 by 2019. So it is totally possible that we will regularly see SF5 on the roads and highways by 2025.

NO.9 Byton K-Byte
Byton will bring its K-Byte electric sedan to market in 2021. With this type of electric car, it seems that Byton is aiming to turn the whole car into something like an iPhone interface.

NO.8 Volvo Polestar 2
According to the report Volvo's Design Chief Officer Thomas Ingenlath told Autocar that Volvo will release the Polestar 2 in 2019.

NO.7 THE Nissan IDS
Nissan has unveiled a brand-new electric car concept and it is aiming to have a driverless technology for its electric, autonomous IDS ready by 2020.

NO.6 Mercedes-Benz EQA
Mercedes-Benz is planning to invest $11 billion in electric vehicles by 2022. This means we can also expect to see this type of car by 2025.

NO.5 Volkswagen I.D. Buzz
Based on the actual look and appearance of this car, it's very clear that Volkswagen is aiming to revolutionize the delivery system. The VW I.D. Buzz will hit dealerships in 2022.

NO.4 Tesla Model Y
There is no definite release date yet for this type of electric car since Tesla hasn't announced it yet. But Elon Musk said the Model Y will be a "manufacturing revolution."

NO.3 Tesla’s Second-Generation Roadster =
With this type of electric car, The company "Tesla" said the car will be available in 2020. This type of electric car is said to be incredibly fast as Tesla says. Elon Musk’s plans for the second generation Roadster include breaking a number of new records which includes the following:

*Top speed of over 250 mph
*0 to 100 mph in just 4.2 seconds.
*quarter-mile in just 8.8 seconds.
*Acceleration Time of 0 to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds.
*all-wheel drive.

NO.2 Porsche Taycan
Porsche will start producing Taycan by 2019 and you can expect that the price will start at around $75,000

NO.1 The Rimac C_Two
The company will start producing this type of all-electric supercar Rimac C_2 by 2020. The specs of this type of electric car is really breathtaking.
*Top speed of 258 mph
*403-mile range
*1,914 horsepower
*Acceleration Time of 0 to 60 mph in 1.85 seconds.

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Aaron Atkinson
Oh yeah yeah
John Hall
An efficient natural gas plant will run about 60% efficiency.  Transmission losses to deliver power to a typical customer are about 10%.  Typical charger efficiency is about 80%.
When you multiply that out you get to about 43% efficiency from natural gas power plant to Tesla storage battery.
Modern internal combustion engines run about 20-30% efficiency.  Toyota has an engine that will do 38%, and when you throw "free heat" for the vehicle into the equation the thermal efficiency of the most efficient car relative to an electric vehicle can become relatively small.
As a point of reference for a Tesla Model 3 in a cold climate, it will cost you about 4.1 c/mile to power the car and another 3 c/mile to heat the car if you're averaging 25 mpg.  The heat calculation obviously has a lot of variables, but the further north you go the more valuable the "free heat" of internal combustion engines becomes relative to electric vehicles.
Tesla roadsters
The Ultimate Reductionist
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Oscar Teran
I guess we need to add the Rivian brand to the list.
Dave Barnes
Nice one Richard...
Got to be said though, who is going to sweep up all those rubber deposits from the roads after the use of all that horsepower. Maybe we could just breathe it in after the wind blows it around eh.?
Mr. Right
Are there any affordable EV vehicles? I thought you was a Hispanic person because of the name Agular.
Bee be Cee
Thanks Richard.
I agree with YakYak, are these cars priced reasonable? I guess the Model 3 is the car to beat at $35k. Few people can afford $40k...
Space Man
richard aguilar can you do a video on cybernetic or genetic modification please
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Michael Obermaier
Ridicules . . .
glenn goodale
Great videos keep up the hard work 👍👍
Toys for the rich, spoiled socialists who's wealth came from capitalism don't matter. What about affordable EVs for the average driver?
Lonnie Smith
Although the flying cars’ which we were promised have yet to materialize, the future for EVs is spectacular!
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