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Bonsai is an artform that requires years of training, and centuries of dedication. At the 2012 International bonsai Convention a tree was on sale for one hundred million yen, just under a million dollars. And many more of these trees are considered completely priceless. So what is it that makes these trees so expensive?

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Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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Naroth Bo
15 years for that plant? anyone here believe?
Just use bonemeal to grow quicker
Calvin Renton
so majestic
Calvin Renton
I love Bonsai
Cozma Bogdan
No, no, no, wrong, no, false, irrelevant, no. It is just bonsai which translates to "PLANT IN A POT". From here on you can develop to yourself. Sure it is hard work and expensive to get a 50-100-200 years old tree collected from the wild to establish good root system. If it survived in harsh conditions in the wild for so long it is not hard to adapt those condition in an artificial environment. Just a few years of research would be enough.
Lisa Patinio
Grandpa has a lot of Bonsai in his house.His dedication in planting is one of a kind.So seeing this video makes me happy.Because I see a hardworking man in making this things.Awesome!!!Great video :-)
Rigging Doctor
Her trees are as beautiful as her accent
Rigging Doctor
My mahogany bonsai trees are 11 years old and only 18 inches tall 😎
extraterrestrial dooday
This is nature's way of plastic surgery.
Bonsai Talk
Bonsai doesn't need too be expensive, this is a myth. Come to us and learn how to make your own bonsai!
Ahmed Yazdhaan
Me at the start: A HUNDRED MILLION? Seriously?? Why so expensive?

Me at the end: A HUNDRED MILLION? Seriously? Why so cheap?
Dừa Bonsai Channel
Who love coconut bonsai welcome to my channel 🏝🏝🏝
and im watching thinking bonsai’s are just naturally small
Just put some string on top of it and it will stop growing.

only Minecraft gamers will understand.
Why is something that takes: extreme skills that take years to master, water everyday, obsessive care and forming for like 3 years only cost 1 million dollars.. that's a bargain if you ask me..

edit: more like 10 years to grow & form I just realised
[Mod] ItzHolmes
4th gen Bonsai master .....seems like a new plot for upcomming anime
Google User
Didn't originate in China! Originated in Egypt
greasy bacon
Why is this in my recomme- actually this is pretty cool
Johnathan Roan
I would have a funereal like . . . 🥺 . . . I can’t fathom the grief and just pure guilt I would feel if I took ownership of a 50 year old tree and it died in my care. I would take a few days off from work and ban myself from owning another bonsai other than starting a new one myself. It’s different if you adopt a dog and it passes away after a few years but you can’t ever let up with that tree. No excuses. They can live for over 1000 years. Killing that tree is like dying in the Avatar state except you don’t get the privilege of dying with your offense. You’ve fucked up forever like Korra and for everyone who ever cared for that tree. I don’t have one but just the thought of wanting one feels unnerving. I couldn’t even trust someone who doesn’t already maintain bonsai to watch my tree. I’d have to name it too because i spend too much time with it to not name it.
Johnathan Roan
They didn’t say this but she is the first female bonsai master. Not only that but she’s been doing it 51 years and she’s still the only female bonsai master.
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