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How to backup iPhone data to iCloud is the first question for most of the people purchasing a brand new iPhone and signing up for iCloud account. This video will show you how to backup iPhone to iCloud step-by-step. In this video I have covered how to backup your iPhone data using iPhone and iTunes. iPhone backup to iCloud account is required in case you want to restore iPhone from iCloud. This method is also applicable to know how to backup iPad or iPod to iCloud. This video help you to know how to backup iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus and all other iPhones out there to iCloud. It is very important for all iPhone users to know how to backup data to iCloud to avoid the loss of data in case of uncertain situations. iPhone backup to cloud is pretty easy process and I have showed that in this video step-by-step. This video covers how to automatically backup to iCloud as well as backing iPhone to cloud manually.
In my next video, I'll show you how to backup iPhone to iTunes.


➤ How to backup iPhone data to iCloud using iPhone:

1. Launch Settings. Tap your NAME & tap iCloud.
(for iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, scroll down & tap iCloud.)

2. Now tap iCloud Backup.
(for iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap Backup.)

3. Turn the toggle iCloud Backup ON.

4. Now your iPhone will automatically backup to iCloud when you satisfy following three conditions:
- Device's screen is locked
- Device is connected to a power source
- Device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

5. You can tap Backup Now to backup manually.

6. Now to check your backup regularly:
Go to Settings - your NAME - iCloud - iCloud Storage - Manage Storage, then select your device.
(for iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings - iCloud - Storage - Manage Storage, then select your device).
The iPhone backup should appear in the details with the time & backup size.

➤ How to backup iPhone data to iCloud using iTunes:

1. Open iTunes & connect your device to your computer.
2. If a message asks to Trust This Computer, follow the onscreen steps.
3. Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes.
4. Go to Summary Section - Backup Section - & select iCloud option under backup settings.

➤ How to turn the iPhone backup to iCloud account OFF:

1. Launch Settings. Tap your NAME, & tap iCloud.
2. Now tap iCloud Backup.
3. Turn the toggle iCloud Backup OFF.

➤ iPhone backup in iCloud account - Storage management:
1. This how to backup iPhone data to iCloud video also shows how you can control apps to be backed up to iCloud as per your preference. Enable/disable app specific backup in iCloud by heading over to Settings - your NAME - iCloud - iCloud - Manage storage - your iPhone.

2. You should delete old unnecessary backups to save some iCloud storage in iCloud account.

➤iCloud account - Storage management:

When you upload your iPhone backup using this how to backup iPhone to iCloud procedure, your iCloud account free storage starts filling up quickly. And some apps get access to iCloud Drive without your permission & start saving the data to iCloud Drive. Remove those apps if not required to be backed up. And to do that head over to Settings - your NAME - iCloud & scroll down to iCloud Drive section. Put the third party app toggles off, if you don't want them to save data to your iCloud Drive in iCloud account.

➤ Buy more iCloud Storage in your iCloud account:

In this video of how to backup iPhone to iCloud, I have shown you the procedure using 5GB of free iCloud storage & every iPhone with iCloud account comes with 5GB of free iCloud storage. If you need more iCloud storage, you can buy easily. Plans start at 50GB for $0.99 (USD) a month. To buy more storage on iPhone, launch Settings, Tap your NAME, & tap iCloud, tap iCloud again & tap Buy More Storage.


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Here I share what I have learned so far and what I continue to learn through videos so that I can be of assistance in some way to improve your iOS user experience.

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Friendly Vikas
👉🏼🛑Friends, if you're planning to use iTunes for backing up iPhone, this tutorial will help.
If you have any questions, you can ask me here.
👉🏼🛑Also do not forget to checkout other useful tutorials on this channel for iPhone users:
Cheers ✌🏼
sachin attri
How long it will be take to backup 64 gb
Deepanshi Garg
I lost my chat and I have no any backup of that chat so the chat can be recovered on iPhone
Bullet_ Sofea
hey thanks for this video, it helped me alot but i wanna ask that i just now bought 50 GB for my icloud, my real storage of this iphone 5s is 16GB very less and when i tried to download game in this phone, it says that there's not enough storage in this phone... but i have just now bought 50 GB then how come no storage? can you please help with this. i just want to download apps through icloud is it possible?
Leos Ahmetaj
Thank you so much. With the best
Nishit kathlana
I want to backup my photos in icloud but then don't want to sync them on my new phone. Just want to store them in icloud? is this possible?
Sharmeen Shaikh
Thanks. You explained it nicely..can you please let me know of how to backup iPhone to iCloud without WiFi ? I am using iPhone 6s Plus(11.4 iOS ) and I don’t see the cellular option. Secondly I forgot my iTunes encryption password so I cannot backup to my computer.
Jayesh Shukla
Cannot see the iphone icon
Ajaj Jash
My iphone is disable from i cloud and i want my data back how do i do it( i dont want just 5gb data)
Dayan P
Awesome video. Thumbs up!!
Friendly Vikas
Hello Everyone👋🏼! Here is how you find your backup on your iPhone.
1. Tap your user name in ‘Settings’ (on the top)
2. Select ‘iCloud’
3. Select ‘Manage Storage’ (just below your colorful storage bar)
4. Select ‘Backup’
5. Now you should see all your backups in the iCloud.
6. Select your iPhone and it shows what the backup contains.

Now, you can restore this backup when you factory reset your iPhone or purchase a new one.

Hope this helps 😄
Thanks for great video, please, one's data is backed up, how then to see where it is and retrieve back all info. For me it is not really clear, ok its back up's somewhere in the cloud, but how can see it? maybe from other device? or doeas it mean that you never can see it and only if you buy new iphone, then u can load back old data???
Rich Hernigle
Very nicely done. This was helpful.
Laurie Doering
Great tutorial. Others I viewed were outdated. Nice job.
Idea Baker
Such a useful tutorial! Thank you for posting.
Vineta Lavrinoviča
Thank you so much, finally it's absolutely clear to me how to use backup on my iPhone 7. All other videos are old and layout has totally changed. Great help :)
moussa abdoulaye
Can u talk less and do more
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